London: A Global Educational Centre

London, with one of the largest populations of overseas students, is one of the greatest cities to study. London facilitates 46 universities offering over 30,000 courses for students around the world. Education in London really boosts your employment prospects with an internationally recognised London University degree.


Every year more than 4 lacs students, from various culture and ethnic backgrounds, come to study in London. London, home to students from over 200 nations, is arguably the most diverse capital in the world, proclaimed, by New York magazine, as “the capital city of 21st century”.


Education in London gives you the opportunity to study in a fantastic environment of international network of colleagues, while at the same time lets you know the diverse cultures and traditions.


Recent studies have found that there is a steady increase in the number of International students looking to obtain higher education in London. Since such huge numbers of students gather in London for higher education, there are certain rules which they have to follow. For example, international students from outside EU need to have a student visa. Tier 4 is a system allocated for the granting of UK student visa.


London is known for its quality business education. London is a dynamic hub of business schools. These qualities and balanced system of education give unmatched networking and career opportunities.


On the other hand, primary educational system is fairly good to attract students and parents to make London the home for study. English education system has an excellent reputation with students from UK and around the globe, who attend schools in London. The system is well regulated by the Department for Education and Department for Business, innovation and Skills. However, local authorities are responsible for the proper implementation of public education and state schools at regional level.


About 90% of the English pupils are in State schools. Apart from state schools, there are private schools also that offer an elevated environment of learning for some students. It is better to visit schools on your own and determine the best fit for you and your child.


The education system of London is categorised into the following:


  • Nursery (ages 0 to 3)
  • Pre-school Nursery (ages 3 to 4)
  • Primary education (ages 4 to 11)
  • Secondary education (ages 11 to 18)
  • Tertiary education (ages 18+)


In London one thing is certain, life is never dull and the education system is healthy as well. The combination of high quality schools and universities and diverse cultural activities are always great sources of education.






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