Love books? Get a career in library sciences

Do you enjoy the deep smell of leather bound books combined with the whiff of newly polished wood? Are you one of those people to whom books are more like members of family rather than objects? Do you consider your books as your greatest treasure? If your answer is yes then its time you seriously considered a career in library and information sciences.

Libraries are abodes of knowledge and wisdom. They are sacred places where hundreds of great personalities live in their books and works. Places which combine the wisdom of the past, the data of the present and the predictions for the future. Libraries are dwellings which hold within their walls, records of whole civilizations and archives of their happenings. They hold the books which have chronicled history and dived into its mystery. It is no wonder that such a place will require an equally civilized person who wants to dive in the sea of knowledge.

Managing a library is like managing the power-house of knowledge. A library needs someone whose love for books transcends the love of their own selves. Who can handle the responsibility of safeguarding the various sources of knowledge, written by generations of wise people whose souls still survive in their writings. Someone who has patience and a sense of honor for their work. People who undertake their job with a deep sense of responsibility rather than dealing with as a casual professional liability.

A degree in library sciences will expose to you to information programming basics, cataloging, classification, reference, statistics, and database management. You will also be trained in information management, basic research methods and information retrieval among other skills.

As a graduate or post graduate in library sciences, you can land a job as a library manager, web archivist, data administrator, business researcher, school librarian, director of content acquisition, data officer, chief information officer and many more.

The first question which will pop into your mind will surely be about the institutions that offer such courses. There were days when it was a tough job to get a seat even for a conventional degree. Times changed and it became easier to enroll for education. However, there still was a lack of opportunities that could cater to the creativities of people with different talents and interests. Yet again, times changed and now you need not worry about failing to find a college which will hone your enthusiasm for books into professional expertise.

Many people are condemned to choose a career which they dislike. Few manage to pursue a career which interests them, but fewer still are lucky enough whose interest and enthusiasm lies in a certain path and they get a chance to hone it into a professional skill. Are you willing to be one of those few lucky ones?

Although the concept of library sciences has been accepted and students have begun considering it, it may still be a little confusing to choose the right college. Students have to consider several factors such as the location, budget, affiliation etc before they select college.

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