Magento 2 Marketing Features That Help You Sell More

From years at a stretch, Magento has grown, reinvented itself, and innovated to deliver a super flexible e-commerce platform to businesses. Magento 2 was a massive leap over previous Magento versions, as the user interface became friendlier. However, one of the common issues faced by new customers is that Magento 2 offers way too many customizations, which could overwhelm users.

This is where Magento 2’s marketing menu tries to make things better for users, by organizing the most important marketing features under one menu option. In this guide, we’ll take a quick look at these awesome marketing functionalities that help e-commerce store owners sell more. Read on.

Promotional Coupons

Coupons are an ageless promotional tool for marketers to boost sales activity. Magento 2 offers easy and effective coupons management capabilities that will help you promote your slow moving products, attract eyeballs towards specific product categories, and even entice buyers into increasing their purchase basket size.

Magento 2 lets you offer free shipping coupons as well as discount coupons, with all kind of pricing rules, as you want to implement. You can control coupon validity, limit coupon usage to specific customer segments, send coupons via emails to customers, and create customized coupons.

Quantity Discounts Based Tiered Pricing

Ecommerce businesses selling fast moving products can significantly increase their sales numbers by offering quantity discounts (more you buy, better the discount you get). For wholesaler ecommerce websites, this is a must have feature. Magento 2 offers intuitive, easy to use, and power packed quantity discounts functionality.

For starters, you can easily create tiers by specifying the threshold quantity and the price, and adding more tiers. Then, you can restrict the visibility of tiered pricing for specific store views, for instance, the store’s version for a specific geography. Also, you can limit the availability of tiered pricing inclusive of quantity discounts to specific customer groups.

Up-sell, Cross-sell, and Promote Related Products

To increase the purchase basket size of your online store shoppers, Magento 2 offers you three superb built-in options. These options help you implement the three golden methods of marketers to sell more:

Up-sell: Using the upselling option, you can showcase more products on a specific product page, which are higher priced and have higher margins. This entices customers into shopping for more premium products in place of the option they initially chose.

Cross-sell: With Magento 2’s cross-selling option, you can promote products that the customer didn’t have any intention to purchase initially. Magento’s smart cross-sell feature automatically identified useful products that the customers might add to their carts while checking out an intentional purchase.

Related products: Use this Magento 2 functionality to promote products from related categories. This feature promotes products that shoppers can buy together, instead of replacement products. By adding an intuitive check mark to the ‘recommended’ or ‘related’ products, you allow users to add them to their cart with a single click, and without leaving their current product page.


To keep on improving sales volumes, you need to market the right products to the right people at the right time. The most reliable method of getting this valuable information right from your customers is by using innovative and interactive forms. Magento 2 offers you pretty useful Magento forms, helping you extract insightful information from customers. Magento 2 forms are easy to customize deeply, using on-screen options and HTML. Or, you could check out some top rated Magento 2 Forms plugins and add-ons to customize them the way you want.

Wish Lists

Wish lists have been proven effective in increasing probabilities of sale, particularly for products that are not exactly a necessary item for the shopper. Wish-lists motivate your Magento store users to add their favorite products into a separate view so that they can revisit them at a later time. For shoppers who tend to delay purchases, those looking to save some money before making an expensive purchase, and others looking for better deals – Magento 2’s wish list functionality offers a great feature. Even otherwise, a user’s wish list helps you understand his/her specific interests. This information proves invaluable in categorizing the customer under appropriate groups and promoting specific products to them.

Newsletters For Email Marketing

Newsletters are your e-commerce businesses' best buddies when it comes to communicating promotional offers, informative updates, and any other kind of information to your customers. Magento 2 offers you built in newsletter support, right from the administration panel. You can use either rope in an HTML expert to use all the possible customizations available in the newsletter editing window or use the WYSIWYG editor to quickly create engaging newsletters. What's more, you can also integrate your Magento 2 store with third-party email marketing and newsletter services such as MailChimp

User Reviews 

Several e-commerce and digital marketing research studies have showcased the effectiveness of user reviews in eliminating unsaid fears of shoppers, helping them complete transactions with confidence. User reviews also help in establishing a more personal connection between brands and shoppers. With Magento 2, you can easily start accepting user reviews, moderate potentially abusive reviews, and motivate shoppers to always leave reviews for the products they purchase. Magento 2 user reviews functionality goes a long way in transforming the platform into a buyers' community. Not only does this get you more customers, but also improves transaction sizes.

Search Engine Optimization 

Your Magento 2 store's online visibility is a major determiner of the number of store visits you receive in a duration. To enhance your store's online visibility, Magento 2 offers smart and intuitive SEO features. For starters, you can easily set up page titles, meta descriptions, and image alt tags for your product pages. Then, you can optimize your product pages for target keywords. Then, you can create and submit a sitemap directly from the store builder platform. One of the most remarkable SEO upgrades that Magento 2 has brought to the table is the rich snippets option, using which you can add markup to your product pages and make them appear in Google's Rich Snippets box. This alone could drive store visits and sales significantly. In general, Magento 2 is better suited for e-commerce tracking and AdWords conversions.

Loyalty Programs 

Even if you're a niche e-commerce business today, there will be competition very soon. To avoid customer attrition, you need to implement loyalty programs, so that your customers feel the motivation to stick to your e-store even if there are momentary promotional deals on offer at a competitor's store. Magento 2 offers you the option of setting up sophisticated loyalty programs and reward point options for consumers. You can, in fact, offer reward points for every positive action taken by a consumer on your e-store, right from subscribing to a newsletter to placing orders crossing a specific threshold value.

Concluding Remarks

Magento 2 is a marketer’s delight. The platform offers stunning marketing functionalities that help you sell more. From newsletters to promotional offers, from SEO to interactive forms, from loyalty programs to upsell and cross-sell features – you get it all. Start exploring these functionalities today, and start converting more store visits into profitable sales for your business.

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