Maintaining Balance in the Home as Parent and Teacher

Parents look for ways to bond with their kids either through sports, shared hobbies and quality time but education is also a way to build a stronger relationship with your child especially when the parent is the teacher.

Homeschooling is a family affair that involves everyone in the house as part of the process whether they are the student, the teacher or even sometimes the principal. Choosing this form of education can often bring a family closer together because there is constant involvement during the ‘school’ hours as well as the off hours but it is important to set boundaries and create a structure that separates ‘mom and dad’ from ‘teacher and principal.’

For anyone that has ever coached their child’s sports team, you understand the balance that has to be maintained between the two roles because no kid wants to feel like they are being ‘coached’ all the time and that they no longer have a parent or vice versa. The same concept can be applied to parents who choose to teach their children at home using online home school programs as the platform for assignment work and submission.

Reasonable guidelines and simple organization can help keep the roles separate and the communication lines open so these should be setup early on and while adhered to the majority of the time, have some room for flexibility based on circumstances. One of the first things that needs to be established is school hours so that kids have a routine structure and set expectations that during a specific period of time they will be doing schoolwork. The online home school programs are set up so that students can log in whenever so each family has the ability to create a schedule that works for their unique situation and modify it as necessary.

During the school hours, the parent that is teaching whether part-time or full-time depending on the grade level should put on their ‘teacher’ role and assist as necessary with the material. When ‘school’ hours are over then the ‘teacher’ should transition back to the parent role and potentially have any school-related or homework questions directed to the other parent. This helps to even out the load so that there is a break in responsibility and down-time for everyone. Homework assignments are still a good idea for the child to do on their own since when they transition into college this is an inevitable part of the requirements. One of the best things about online home school programs and this method of education in general is the flexibility that it incorporates so no matter what your situation is there is a way to make it work so everything gets done within the schedule and students are able to successfully move forward to the next level.

When looking for a top accredited online home school program it is important to consider all the features and services they provide as well as the administrative and teaching support system in place. Homeschooling for the first time can be an adjustment but with the right assistance and guidance the transition can be smooth and help everyone get on the same path as quickly as possible. Get closer to your kids through their education and come up with a system that works for your family in giving everyone the room and support they need to succeed.

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