Manufacturers Experiencing Serious Skill Gap

Manufacturers are experiencing a greater demand for specialized skill sets and it turns out that there are simply not enough people being trained in the areas most needed. Much like the United Kingdom has experienced over the last five years, North America too now finds itself in search of people with the right skills and experience to fill high demand specialized positions.

This skill gap, if left unchecked, could grow and North American manufacturers could be scrambling to find the right combination of skill set and experience, and this gap will undoubtedly inflate compensation due to the demand for workers that excel in key fields. There is an opportunity for people looking to start a career that is not only challenging and rewarding, but also one that is very much above average in terms of compensation.

There are now colleges that focus entirely on adult education, and there has never been a better time to learn the skills that will allow you to fill one of these in demand roles.

Adult Education Has Never Been Easier to Take Part In

There are now online technology courses that make it easier than ever to learn the skills that are needed to fill these manufacturing roles. Over the last several years as technology has advanced, there have been fewer students enrolling in college courses that are aimed at these industries. The lack of enrollment has become prevalent and manufacturers are lobbying for government reform on the education system to make enrollment enticing for more potentially skilled workers. Nearly two thirds of manufacturers are worried that they will not be able to properly fill the positions they will have over the next few years and this has opened the door on possibilities for those looking to advance their skill set as well as their increase their value as a worker.

George Brown College is one such college where several skilled worker courses are offered for both high school graduates as well as adults who have been in the workforce for some time but would like to change careers or upgrade their skills to take on these challenging roles.

Which Courses are Available?

There are several specialized positions that are in desperate need of college graduates that have successfully earned a certificate of completion with any of the following programs.

Study to become an electromechanical technician. This program provides a complete introduction to electronics and electromechanical systems. This program focuses on mechanical systems as well as electronics. It covers topics not typically found in an electronics program, with emphasis on DC and AC motors, industrial control devices, as well as control circuits, transformers and PLCs.

Alternatively, perhaps the robotics technician course is more your style. It focuses on industrial robotics and utilizes the student’s technical knowledge extensively. Learn the skills needed to become a millwright or electrician, not to mention a PLC Technician.

Robotics engineers will be required to assist in all of these areas, from the assembly and programming of robots, to circuit design by an electrical engineer going through multiple rounds of electromagnetic compatibility testing.

Speaking of which, another hot and in demand role to fill is that of the PLC programmer. Students will learn the basic technical skills to work with Programmable Logic Control systems found in a manufacturing environment. The course also covers the use of various PLC control systems such as discrete and analog control devices.

Skilled Workers are Needed to Fill the Skill Gap

Companies will pay top dollar for those that prove that they have the skills necessary to fill the roles manufacturers in North America are desperate to fill. They need people that have taken specialized training found in these online technology courses. North American young workers are lagging behind many other countries and this means that any student that successfully completes these certificate programs will be well poised to earn a rewarding, long lasting career.

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