MBA admission Entrance Exams and More

A master’s in business administration or MBA, is a professional degree earned in business administration or management. The MBA was popularized owing to industries need to approach management in a scientific and rational way. Some of the basic courses in management include accounts, marketing, human resources, finance etc. These are some of the core courses available to an aspirant while seeking to do an MBA.

Securing admission into the top business schools is no mean task, and takes years of preparation to crack MBA exams. Some of the commonly known exams are the GMAT, CAT, or GRE.

GMAT is an international exam having a presence in most countries across the globe. GMAT is short for Graduate Management Admission test, and is conducted by the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council) all year round.

The GMAT measures a student’s ability in English and Mathematics, also popularly known as qualitative and quantitative ability.

The GMAT is one of the pre-requisites to secure admission in universities abroad, however the GRE is fast providing an alternative to admission tests for the MBA.   

The GRE is short for Graduate records examination, and presents an alternative to the GMAT. Although the GMAT is more widely accepted, especially in countries like India, the GRE has already been inducted in many Indian business schools, and pending further approval, may soon become as widely accepted as the GMAT.

If you are looking for information on MBA Admission procedure, students and others alike can check online websites for information. Also, it is helpful if you know business graduates and ask them for information, as they have first-hand experience with the whole procedure.   

The common admission test or CAT for short is a computer-based test conducted in India, for admission into various business schools. Clearing the common admission test is a requirement to gain entry in to the various IIMs or Indian institute of managements. The IIMs are premier management institutes set up in India run by the government of India.  

Apart from the IIMs there are many other schools and colleges offering admission into various MBA or PGDM courses accredited by AICTE or UGC.

Rankings of business schools worldwide, are one of the tools used by students to gain insight into where they would like to be. Moreover, most of the top business schools are quite well-known, and feature consistently in the top 100 schools all over the world.

Aspiring students seeking admission into MBA can also go online and search for the university which they prefer over others. There is a wealth of information online, and one can search for any information they might need. Most schools have operational websites, wherein students can check for status of their application, or various requirements to gain entrance in their school of choice.

Also, application deadlines and timelines are mentioned on websites, and students can check for information online.  

For international applicants, the GMAT will be your best bet, however the GRE can also be used to gain admission into business schools abroad. GMAT is also widely accepted in various business schools in India, with few of the IIMs accepting GMAT scores for admission into executive MBA courses.

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