Methods of Service of Process in Personal Injury Claims

Service of process for personal injury has to be done perfectly and in accordance with the rules of each state. Commonly, there are three methods of process allowed: personal, service, and publication service. Personal one, or self delivery, is always favorite one because it is looked to have highest accuracy. Substituted one is only applicable when the defendant is not capable to be reached face to face. Publication one is only utilized as a ultimate option, because it is much liable to misleading.


Service of process is to hand over legal papers to a party that required responding by a specific date. Every state has its special rules of civil process that provide details for how a legal paper can be handed over. There are commonly three basic methods that might be applied for service of process in personal injury compensation claim.

1.Personal Service


Personal service is to send physically to the related party, generally at their home or place of work. At the same time as quite a few recipients are keen to get the legal documents, a few may try to escape the process server. In that moment, the process server might try to use the surprising factor or go to a certain place to provide the papers. Court normally values personal service more highly to other ones for the reason that it most excellent suited to issue notification.


2. Substituted Service


Whenever personal service is not applicable or not producing an intentional effect, a few states give the right to process servers to bring the documents in different methods. One alternative may be to send the papers with any related mature person who understands the duty of getting papers. Process servers might also be permitted to send the papers at the defendant’s location of residence or place of work, subsequently also sending a copy to their address by post, recognized as “nail and mail”. A few stares let process servers to just send the papers by post, using registry mail. Some states allow other approaches, in such a condition, it is important to ensure the law prior to going on with other service.


3. Service by Publication


The last possible method of service of process in personal injury claim is service by issuing printed materials. It is taken to be a last choice since it is lacking the ability to do effectively; inadequate and a little possible to contact the defendant. The process server might issue a notification in a newspaper that is published in the defendant’s possible place or the court area, or both. Nearly all states need that notification to be issued for more than one week to ensure a more likelihood of the defendant reading the announcement. As a good number of defendants will not ever buy or read a newspaper, it is just allowed if there is not any other method to make contact with the defendant. This method is not only high in price, but lacking a sense of responsibility, seeing that the defendant may afterward claim that he could have been busy.



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