Mistakes to Avoid When Building an e-Commerce Store

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If you are trying to build an online business for the first time, chances are that it won’t be giving you any breaks. However, even though you might be new to the field of online businesses, you do not need to make first-timer mistakes. The best way to avoid mistakes is by learning about them before the danger strikes, so here are some common e-Commerce mistakes to keep an eye out for.

The Absence of a Logo

The fact that your store is online doesn’t mean that its logo is any less important – why should it be? Logos are the first thing a visitor sees and it can leave a huge impression on your potential buyers. I always like to refer to my childhood days and Shark energy drink – at the point when I first saw their logo, I had no idea what an energy drink is, but I loved their clever logo and knew that I wanted a taste – this is how big an impression a logo can leave.

When it comes to e-Commerce businesses, many online stores can be found without a logo, but this is for a reason – they think that having a logo made costs wads of cash; however, there are many design platforms available online for coming up with a decent logo.

Social Proof Issues

It’s late in the evening, you’re coming back from work and you want to relax somewhere new. You come across two bars – one is near-full, the other emptier. Chances are, you’re going to cling to the near-full one – this is social proof – looking for opinions of others, in order to make a decision.

However, social proof is often implemented wrong by merchants, or it’s being forced. Adding reviews to your online store is a great way to experience an increase in conversions, but if you implement it at the wrong time, it might do the opposite.

To avoid this, consider holding off on adding a product review section to each of your products’ pages, until customers that you can ask reviews from pop up.

Social media accounts with no followers can also be quite a cause for concern in your potential buyers. The solution to this is starting with one social network and working on building up a decent number of followers, rather than engaging in every single social network on the internet.

Not Enough Shipping Options

There is nothing more important than having a variety of shipping options made available on your site – all customers love to have options. Many potential customers will give up on buying your product if there’s only one shipping option, costing as much as the item they’re considering to buy.

On the other hand, having a large number of shipping methods helps you too, as a business owner – to get a proper payment service provider, as soon as you complement this you are good to go!

Lack of Search Capability

Having a good search engine is especially important if you’re offering a large number of products. Customers should be able to search using a couple of keywords and find what they actually need. Customers who use your on-site search are much more likely to buy the product they need. Keep in mind that you do not want to miss out on customers simply because you have a faulty search engine – invest here and it will definitely pay off.

These are the most common mistakes to keep an eye on when building an e-Commerce business. Running an online store is all about making your online presence properly, coming up with a decent-looking website and making sure people remember you on sight.

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