Motivation Brings in More Business in an Organization

Motivation is a key element in the success of an organization and it actually plays a great role in achieving set targets and goals. Often, employers of a company need to motivate the employees to perform the tasks with 100% attention and motivation so that there is no room for any mistake. Creating high job satisfaction among the employees is essential to get fruitful results. The employers should organize motivational events, programs or policies to develop a sense of motivation and job satisfaction by giving rewards and compensations. It takes time and money to organize such events or programs and when an employer understands the importance of these programs, he can create a nice and motivated environment in the workplace.

Take a look below to know about what effects motivation can have in an organization:

1. Job Duties: Job satisfaction is achieved by motivation. And those employees, who are satisfied with their jobs, perform in a better way and succeed efficiently. The workers and employees need motivation to do their tasks and create more effective and efficient job processes. It is the duty of the manager to communicate and meet his employees once in every 15 days to let them feel secured. This will enhance their productivity and efficiency which leads to accomplishment of goals on time. A satisfying work environment brings in success and the employees like discussing the company matters with managers to create a positive atmosphere.

2. Patience: Patience is needed in every aspect of life to succeed in a better way. In a company or organization, employees who have enough patience are beneficial. Like suppose, a company implements new policy which will take time to show the results. The whole company is affected with this implementation and if disgruntled employees will be there, they would definitely create mess. On the other hand, satisfied employees would offer their suggestions on how to implement a particular policy in a better way. Moreover, motivated and satisfied employees work in collaboration with each other and try to adapt to the changes as soon as possible without any fuss.

3. Volunteering: It is the human nature that they don’t feel like working unless they are not getting appreciation for their work. And dissatisfied employees cannot contribute to the success of an organization. Companies often have committees which organize for picnics or events and for this they need motivated and satisfied employees who can suggest some activities. And such employees enhance the morale and operation of company.  

4. Customer satisfaction: Satisfaction from the job leads to better customer satisfaction. Motivated and satisfied staff talks in a pleasant manner and focused in handling orders in a good and timely manner. Such a positive environment creates a good experience for customers. Motivated workers believe in keeping the workplace clean and maintained thus providing a hygienic environment.

So these are some of the things which contribute to the success of an organization. There are many good motivators who offer their services on how to motivate the employees to make them perform for the welfare of an organization and Joseph Tramonatana is one of them. 

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