My 3 Hacks for Surviving University

If you are like me, you’ve moved out from your parents’ home once your university life started and you were pretty darn stoked about it. Although you always knew that it wasn’t all going to be sunshine and butterflies, somehow, you kept it in the back of your mind, without being fully and consciously aware of what’s to come. Unfortunately, it takes no longer than a couple of weeks for you to realize that university life can really turn into hell on earth. Luckily, on the other hand, as time goes by, you get used to it – you come up with your own neat little tactics for achieving everything that is necessary. Well, I’ve decided to share these 3 hacks for surviving university with you, not only so that you can adopt them, but so that you can adapt them to your own needs.

1.      Make it feel like a job

Wait, making your college years feel like employment? Well, yes and no. You see, if you are like me, you need consistency and something to keep you from procrastinating, and what better solution for this than turning studying into a habit? I can’t really tell you when to study, nor can I tell you how much time you should spend on a daily basis, this all depends on you as a person and the school you’ve picked, but what I can tell you is that you need consistency! Take a calendar, not your smartphone, get an actual, physical calendar and mark your study days; jot down the amount of time you think you should spend on the university obligations. This will keep you going and make you feel guilty about not studying when you planned to.

On another hand, you need to know when to give yourself a break. Weekends aren’t necessarily the best idea. Personally, I’ve found that two days of studying, followed by a day of complete rest fit me perfectly, but this doesn’t have to be your own pattern. Take time, study your own self and, most importantly, if you’re really not feeling like cracking’ the books, add the hours up to the following day – no cheating!

2.      Have Fun

I used to cringe every time my parents would tell me that the college years were going to be my best years – it all sounded pretty gloomy and dark. Well, at least it used to, until I figured out the reason behind this – they are a part of that particular generation – they’re used to the 5 nine-to-five consecutive workdays, followed by a brief 2-day rest period. This however, doesn’t have to apply to you, during your college life or your professional one later on (being your own boss is great!). Planning your own busy days and giving yourself some rest is crucial! Instead of anxiously waiting for the weekend and then going on a spending spree at the local bar, feel your own needs out. Don’t let the pressure build up, find your perfect rest day(s) and do what you actually feel like doing with friends, family, that special someone or by your own self!

3.      Learn how to Deal with Money

Cash is always tight during university days. If you are lucky enough like I was, your parents are still giving you your pocket money. Somehow, however, I was always strapped for cash during my first year in college – the newly obtained freedom turned me blind towards my spending – I used to smoke, I partied (well, not to a huge excess) and I ate pretty cheap (synonym for unhealthy in college). I had no idea what I was doing. On top of everything, there was my rent; my landlord wasn’t exactly a nice guy and was even less considerate about me still being in school. Once I moved out (more like got thrown out), my dad told me about how he heard that I can actually quite easily pay rent online. Of course, this didn’t come as a surprise to me, but after digging a bit deeper into the general idea of making online rent payments, I decided to give it a go; I thought “It’s more convenient than having to deal with landlords and I can’t really forget to make payments, once my card is attached to the account.” So I went with it and, quickly, my budget improved, while having to worry about one thing less (extra obligations is the last thing a student needs!

Think of these hacks as stepping stones towards finding your own way to deal with school. You might not enjoy this life in the beginning, but you’ll thank me soon enough!

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