My Perfect Learning Environment for K-12 Learners

Learning occurs with each breath we take, each idea we process and with our reactions. Classroom learning has become an isolated experience for many learners, focused on subject matter, rather than thinking and being. I propose that the classroom experience should encompass the following: civic understanding, personal goal setting, group goal setting, and whole class goal setting social and academic objectives as well as daily physical and mental activity.meditation. Each day learners in grades k-12 would benefit from mind and body development, to isolate the two, would be denying our humaneness. I believe that by setting up collaborations within a school community and structured cooperative learning experiences with independent accountability, allows children as individuals to grow and develop patterns of collaboration that build community and help motivate thinking.

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Comment by Brian Rock on October 9, 2017 at 8:27pm

I just wanted to say that these sound like great goals. I especially appreciate the inclusion of civic understanding and engagement. What you're describing is a well rounded student and citizen - something that often gets left behind in today's era of over-testing.

Comment by Smith Baker on July 8, 2014 at 12:08am

Task based syllabus is basically a unique design of the syllabus that is more concerned with the choice, organizing and justification of the curriculum content. A task based approach to syllabus is totally different from the traditional approaches of designing academic syllabuses and the importance and implication of the tasked based syllabus is getting popular with the passage of time.

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