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After a few years working in Aidi International School, I can say that my career prospects and personal development have improved more than I could imagine.

In terms of career development, working in an environment that focuses on excellence from its staff and students has really given me an amazing work ethic and passion to be the best I can be. The staff here are focused on providing international staff with every opportunity to track their development and provide reviews with the most constructive advice to build on ourselves.

I am also getting the chance to share my passions! I’ve been working with students in different extracurricular activities which not only helps me to develop my passions, but to teach the new generation more than just academic subjects. This has really helped me to become a better-rounded teacher as this hones my organisational skills and interpersonal skills hugely. This is all because Beijing Aidi School put enhancing my future career prospects first, which is so rare to find when seeking development from other training courses abroad.

As for personal development, I’ve learnt so much about the culture and history of Beijing and China through the cultural immersions, activities, tours, national holiday events and more which Aidi organise for us foreign teachers to attend. I didn’t expect to broaden my horizons to effectively, but Aidi School care so much more than just about us teaching. In fact, my colleague was taken care of so well when she lost a family member, which proves that Aidi School genuinely care about their foreign staff like family.

I am so glad that I devoted the time I did to teaching at Aidi International School. I’ll never forget the outstanding students and amazing experiences I had their and I have them to thank for the memories and career goals that I have made.

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