Online Learning: Bridging The Distance Between The Learner And Learning

Online distance learning courses have proved to be boon for millions. However, still there are many who are still either blank or sceptical about the benefits of online learning. Possibly that could be one reason which holds the individual back while others continue to advance towards professional and personal growth. Risk to overlook the potential and advantages e-learning might impact your growth. But why proponents of online education continuously emphasise on taking it? It's Flexible, even with your mobile device you can hook to learning. There is no limitation to geographical barrier at e-learning. You can engage to top institute of the world while you stay miles away from the instructor. Moreover, students log-in to their convenience time. The digital learning resources allows the learner to download and save the learning content at digital devices, hence even without internet connection the students can engage to learning. In devoid of the institutes near to home students follow the popular learning trend i.e. online learning programmes. In a research too this fact has been found.

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Distance Minimised @ Online Learning

In a research, it was revealed that two third of the of the e-learner registered to online distance learning courses which were absent in their region or close to their home. The study was held by the online education business 2U which has it's own data and also collected information from US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US News business school rankings, the National Center for Education Statistics. It's evident from the finding that even today the distance to the centre of education matters.

According to Rob Cohen, President & COO, Online Education Business 2U, “We are seeing that there will be more winners among existing business schools from online education, but it will put pressure on the market,” he says, although he admitted that his previous view that one provider could be the “Google of MBAs” has been challenged.”

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Managing Education And Obligations

There is no denial the fact that people across the world take online learning to balance their personal and professional life. And similar people did not hesitate to admit the real fact. Since online learning allows personalised learning, besides digital texts, video contents and lectures help the learner to focus and engage to e-learning. students can watch the videos in accordance to their convenience. Besides virtual seminars allow students connect given time and where they see themselves and other associates on the screen. Here is an online student sharing her learning experience:

Learning Access For All

It cannot be overruled that with Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) all have access to education. It has helped many to gain relevant information. But because of the fact that is not recognised by the employers, it's benefits are restricted at one point. But cost effective low priced online learning programmes render deep study to different subjects comprising the essential elements. About the MOOC Cohen says here students do not have the edge to interact with the instructor or the peer, they just watch a video. He says, “It is a classroom where everyone is on the front row.”

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