Becoming a PA in London is not as straightforward as it may seem. Those of you who have been to Recruitment Agencies or Interviews are aware that there are a few things that they are looking for in a PA. Firstly, you often need some relevant experience, but this does not have to be as a PA, but in a transferrable skill. Secondly, they want to see a PA Qualification from a recognised college. Therefore, it is important to find the correct PA Course in London. This is not an easy process. You may find PA Courses that do not meet the employer’s criteria.

PA Courses in London should ideally be held in London. This means that they should have a live tutor and be held in a classroom, so that you can learn from an experienced tutor. There are too many Distance Learning and online training courses. These can work for some types of courses, but in a course that needs to have a focus on people skills for a people facing role, it is not suitable. No one wants a PA that has only studied and not honed their soft skills at the same time.

PA Courses need to incorporate a focus on CV development and generally helping you apply for job roles. It is very unlikely that there will be job placements for a PA, as this is something that is more relevant to more junior jobs than a PA. So you need to develop confidence to go out and get a job, this should be done on the PA Course.

Finally, you need a good mixture of training to cover all of the areas that a PA will be involved in. So ensure that the training includes diary management, business letters, emails, dealing with customers and Microsoft office training at a minimum. However, there should be much more in the course. Also ensure that there is some accreditation. The CPD Accreditation for PA Courses is important as this ensures that the training is appropriate for professional development and gives a recognised qualification.

A well-recognised and long established PA trainer in London is Souters Training College. This is a central London organisation with well-balanced training courses that are all CPD Accredited. They can also offer specialists advanced training in Social Media, Project, Events, Management and much more.
Please follow the link to find out about completing a Souters PACourses and Executive PA Courses in London, go to:

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