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Beijing - Dec 7th 2018: Pandarow releases the new version with Spanish to Chinese learning app, which has also received an overwhelming response from native Spanish speaking people. The first version with English to Chinese learning app is already very popular, and has got the user ratings of 4.8 at the Android and Apple app stores.


Whether you are living in China as an expat, a professional, a student, or a business person, or travelling, this Chinese-learning platform can help you in making your stay more comfortable and convenient.


As such, Chinese people are friendly, and they do not discriminate people from other countries who are living with them. As a matter of fact, China can offer you just about anything that you can expect to get in the western world. However, it is much beneficial for people living in China if they learn Chinese. It will definitely help them get along well with the people that they interact with, on everyday basis.


The new version of Pandarow with Spanish to English learning courses, has become popular especially among people who are native to Spanish speaking nations, like Spain and Argentina. Let us now review this popular Chinese-learning app.




Now with China becoming the major contender in the world manufacturing and business sector, it is attracting a lot of people from other nations. The country also offers ease of doing business, which is why many nations from the west are comfortable working in partnership with China.


Many of the European and American companies have their own people living and working in China, so that they are able to oversee the production and quality of their offshore works. People are also visit China to purchase products in bulk, which are then relabelled and sold in their home countries.


Unlike in the past, the quality of Chinese products have improved by leaps and bounds, which is why they are still able to dominate the world manufacturing market. The availability of cheaper raw materials and labour-force also adds to the attractiveness of doing business in the Chinese market.


Now you don't have to spend money on learning Chinese, whether you are a Spanish or English speaking person. Pandarow is available for free download for both, Apple and Android powered smartphones and tablets.


The company officials have expressed their desire to make the platform as easy as possible for people who are interested in learning Chinese. They are clearly satisfied and impressed with the responses that they have been getting, because more and more people are downloading this useful Chinese-learning app everyday.


This app is not just beneficial for of the new learners alone, as they also provide advanced learning courses that can help people, even if they are already able to speak in Chinese. The most impressive thing about this learning platform is that you will not have to put up with the annoying advertisements. There also are no in-app purchases as of now.




In addition to the primary features of Chinese-learning courses, Chinese-English dictionary, Chinese-Spanish dictionary, online discussion forum (Ask Panda) for posting questions and getting answers, they also provide the Chinese name generator. It is a simple-to-use app for translating your English or Spanish names into Chinese.


The Chinese speaking courses in this platform are quite elaborate, starting right from the basic levels, to the advanced levels. You can choose the levels as per your speaking knowledge, and then take it up from there. The navigation of these courses have been made very simple, where you can take it up step-by-step, and then move to the next screen.

The Chinese dictionary on this platform is updated, which you don't commonly get from other dictionaries that are available on the web. You can also learn meanings or synonyms of even the most urban slang phrases and words that are commonly used by the younger generation in social media websites.

Their language experts have put in all the efforts to make the contents as comprehensive and relevant as possible, in order to provide a complete learning experience to their users. The learning is more easier on this app, because most of the meanings are provided along with example sentences, to make the comprehension even more effective.


Besides the learning courses, they also provide plenty of valuable articles that can help you in understanding the finer points that are important for speaking and perfecting the Chinese language.


'Ask Panda', is the name of their online discussion forum, where you can post your language related questions. This forum has become very popular, where people are interacting from more than 100 countries. You can ask any Chinese language related questions, and your questions will be mostly answered by the native speakers.

Final Verdict:


If you want to learn Chinese, then there is no better platform than the Pandarow. We have thoroughly checked the features after installing it ourselves. We rate it with 4:8 / 5 and highly recommend it.


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