Parent Portals: A New Way to Foster Parent-Teacher Relationships

Interpersonal relationship is very crucial in the development of a child’s personality. You may know the importance of parent-child relationship. But, what about parent-teacher relationship?

Recent studies have proved that a child’s personality can be enhanced by bridging a more transparent relationship between parents and teachers. An innovative way, which has already adopted by many schools, is parent portal.

So, what is a parent portal? Here we go:

Parent portals or Apps are the latest technological revolution in the area of parent-teacher interaction. They are computer based applications which are specially designed for exchanging information regarding a student between parents and teachers. It acts as a single window to all school related activities of your children

So, what are the features that parent portal offer?

1. Instant notifications regarding activities

Parents will be notified of every activity in the school. It can be about functions that are organized by the school, timetable of upcoming exams, exam results, co-curricular activities etc.

This may not always be possible with the traditional methods of communication.

2. Matters concerning students

Matters concerning a child’s behaviour in the school, their achievements, their progress in studies, the areas in which the student needs improvement etc. can be communicated through the communication centre in the navigation menu of the portal.

Every matter concerning the child can be communicated through this channel. So, as a responsible parent, who is eager to build a better world for their children, will be satisfied with this portal.

3. Online Payment of Fees

Can you rush to the school and pay your child’s exam fee when you have to attend an important meeting at your office? Online payment portals are really a relief for working parents. You can pay your child’s fee through this portal using your credit or debit card.

With parent portal, there is no need to sacrifice any urgent office hours and at the same time you can take care of your child too.

4. School Bus Tracking

GPS aided trackers will help parents to identify the location of the school bus. So, dear parents you can stay calm till your child arrives home.

5. Attendance Tracking

No more worries about attendance! Parent portals will provide you with all the details of your kid’s attendance. Parents can easily spot the absent days and make up for it.

6. Homework and Assignments

It’s now very easy to know how much homework and assignments are given to your kids at school. Some naughty chaps won’t let you know about their homework. You will only get to know about it when his/her teacher rings you to inform about it.

With parent portal you can forget about this issue also. Teachers will notify you daily about the assignments and homework. So, you can make sure that your kid has done it all before he leaves for school the next day.

7. Feedback from Parents

Parent portal is not a one way process. You can also send your views or concerns to the teacher through this portal. Parents can communicate with the teachers without any inhibitions. You can communicate any matter regarding your child using parent portals, even if it is a suggestion or a complaint.

Teachers can also improve their teaching methods with the valuable suggestions given by the parents through the portal.

Education is a shared commitment. Together let’s build a better future for our children!

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