Parents - Does Overnight Summer Camp Make Sense?

Summer is Here! Ok, that might be a little alarmist, but it will come, sooner than you think. Many experts say overnight summer camp should she part of your child’s summer plans. Why? Because on the outside summer camp is fun but at the heart of camp is relationships. The opportunities for for social, emotional, and psychological growth and development are huge, say folks who study child development.

"Overnight camps build children up by having them belong to a community that fosters, independence, Creativity, Kindness, and Teamwork. Giving a child the feeling of being safe and valued" says Lonnie & Jeff Lorenz the Owners of Swift Nature Camp, in Minong Wi. "Within this communal setting campers gain courage to try new things, while making lasting friendships"

“Swift Nature Camp is dedicated to each child, not to grades, sports scores, piano lessons or other “at home” accomplishments. This environment is much different than at home, few families have 10 sister all living in the same room” says Lonnie "Summer camps allow kids to be kids,” she said. “Something that is lost these days, far to often are kid forget about fun, laughter and the wonder of being young. Camp provides, NEW: experiences, friends and lifestyle . At Swift Nature Camp our goal is to build an ideal world with common values, Kindness, Persistence, Trying new things and Respect for the environment. We put campers into the best situation to improve and become the people they want to be."

"Building Self-confidence is one of the amazing parts of camp. Being away from home naturally challenges a child. yet, when supported and encouraged, confidence is the result. says Lonnie “Increased self-esteem happens as campers learn activities, increase social skills, explore friendships circles and work not team building activities. Unlike any other child based activity overnight summer camps use fun to discover help kids learn more about themselves."

"Often success builds success. When campers learn skills in friendship making they can take these skills back home and use them at school. Empathy, Kindness and Understanding are lifelong tools, that never go out of favor." says Jeff.

At swift Nature Camp, children get to blend the outdoor physical activity with learning about nature, animals and science. This sort of summer, helps to prevent "academic loss” that often accompanies a long summer break. Parents know and Research shows that significant learning loss is normal unless parents take steps to reduce this by providing educational experiences like as quality summer camp. Swift Nature Camp even provides tutoring for those campers that need a brush up.

"So you are looking for a camp, it;s best to consider all aspects of your child. Don’t limit your thinking to only the top 3 activities she currently likes. No, think about things she has never done before and given the opportunity might really enjoy. For instance your daughter has never ridden a horse, yet, you know she would probably enjoy it." says Lonnie Lorenz.

Since the beginning of time kids have had free play and probably so did you. Playing with a stick outside with your friends or making up the rules to a game is what being a child was all about. Today, helicopter parents along with society have stolen playing from their children. Today's kids are so over programmed that they do not have time to free play. That's wrong. Traditional Overnight Summer camps lets children use their creativity to play. No coaches, no scores or referees calling you out. Children learn the most when they figure things out, rather than being told by an adult what they must do.

Every parent should have the same goal to provide their child what they need to thrive in the world of the future. This starts with independence. Overnight camp provides campers as young as 6 opportunities to develop independence and being reliable on them selves. Living with out parents and with a counselor who encourages a child to pitch in and help others provides necessary skills for independent living.

“Over the years we have seen many a parent cry when dropping their child off to Swift Nature Camp. When we sent our own child to a different summer camp we even shed a tear. So we know how difficult it can be.” said Jeff Lorenz. Sometimes when talking to parent about camp they tell us that only parents who don’t like their child, send them to camp. Nothing can be further from the truth. Parents that are willing to look past their own biases or selfishness are willing to send their child to camp. Never have I ever heard that if you send your child away to college your a bad parent. No, just the opposite your willing to sacrifice for your child. This is how parents should think about summer camp.

"We live in a world filled, no dominated by technology in as little as 2007 our world has been flipped upside down. We are in constant contact. Our children are never alone. Alone to think, ponder or reflect on their responsibility to others and themselves. No we are all addicted to being busy, searching the web or seeing whats new on YouTube. This demand on our time never provides for self reflection. The reflection that makes us all better than we were the day before. with out personal quiet time we will stagnate. Camp provides kids the chance to not be connected, to enjoy a sunset or sit under a tree and think. It provides del interactions face to face and sets aside all that “un” social media.” said Jeff.

Lonnie and Jeff agreed "At Swift Nature Camp we often wonder why camp works. We have decide very few places on earth are as dedicated to children as an overnight summer camp. Grades, scores or performance just don’t matter. What does matter is your integrity. How you treat others you live with. The relaxed communal living gives children something they can not get any place else. Living with others, stretches ones compassion, teach communication skills and responsibility to your team mates, all need skills for the 21st century.”

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