[Passcert] H13-611-ENU HCNA-Storage Certification dumps

The H13-611-ENU HCNA-Storage Certification dumps of Passcert can ensure you pass your first time to participate in the Huawei certification H13-611-ENU exam.Passcert providing H13-611-ENU HCNA-Storage Certification dumps are very close to the content of the formal examination. Through our short-term special training You can quickly grasp IT professional knowledge, and then have a good preparation for your exam. We promise that we will do our best to help you pass the Huawei certification H13-611-ENU exam.
Share some HCNA-Storage H13-611-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which types of common cable are used for data communication between servers and storage devices? (Multiple choice) 
A. multimode optical fiber line 
B. Single-mode fiber-optic line 
C. twisted-pair 
D. Serial Line 
Answer: ABC

Which of the following WWPN number is legitimate? 
A. 2000-C29C 
B. 2000-C29C-34FA 
C. 2000-C29C-34FA-BC0D 
D. 2000-C29C-34FA-BC0D-4A03 
Answer: C

In Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system, a LUN can create multiple snapshots, but only a snapshot in active state. 
Answer: B

When Oceanstor 5300 V3 control box extend from 2 control to 4 control, can be used directly connected network, also can be used in a switch network 
Answer: A

Which of the following description about the type of IO is correct? (Multiple Choice) 
A. when stored data to disk, the corresponding is written IO operations 
B. 5 disks consist of RAID 5 disk group can only respond to at most one random and small IO read request 
C. Oracle database issue written IO size is fixed each time 
D. two IO operations issue at the same time, it is called continuous IO access 
Answer: AC

Which of the following is the correct configuration process of Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage system ? 
A. Create storage pool----create LUN----add mapping 
B. Create storage pool----add mapping----create LUN 
C. Create LUN----create storage pool----add mapping 
D. Create LUN----add mapping----create storage pool 
Answer: A

Reasure Code redundancy technology is a superset of RAID technology, compared with traditional RAID technology, Reasure Code provides better flexibility. 
Answer: A

Oceanstor V3 control box has BBU module, can in the case of sudden outage, sustainable power supply for the control box, make sure that the storage system write data in the Cache to safe dish, avoid data loss 
Answer: A

Here are two descriptions about Huawei Oceanstor V3 clone feature. Description 1: When the clone master LUN physically damaged, can use slave LUN to recover data. Description 2: the same master LUN can create and maintain multiple slave LUNs. 
A. Description 1 and Description 2 are both right 
B. Description 1 is right, description 2 is wrong 
C. Description 1 is wrong, description 2 is right 
D. Description 1 and Description 2 are both wrong 
Answer: A

About Huawei Oceanstor V3 storage dynamic hierarchical storage technology, Which of the following description is not correct? 
A. smart Tier calculate and analyze data activity , to determine the active level of data 
B. smart Tier according to the different activity level of data, automatically and dynamically move data to a different performance storage medium 
C. smart tier data movement based on the configuration of data migration strategy 
D. smart tier features of data statistics, analysis and data migration will affect the business continuity and data availability 
Answer: D

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