Perfect Online Russian school gives perfect foundation

Interesting observation about learning the foreign language is that learners read and writes first but talk later. Whereas, a kid learns to talk by observing and chatting with the parents. The reasoning is simple, that an instructor addresses whole class and it is not possible for him to talk individually to all. However, there are few institutes who make this ‘one instructor for one student’ learning possible through Online lessons.

Many Russian language learners, who can afford to spend money and time, choose to go for studying the language in any Russian city’s language school. The atmosphere, the people who only talk Russian give competitive edge to the learners to speak sooner by listening and reacting. For faster and perfect learning, it is important that they hear and speak words with right pronunciation. The beginner’s lessons are most important, because stronger foundation of building is the first step to build the skyscraper.

In nutshell, the reading and writing are important but learning’s first step is speaking. For making a foreign language your own, you need right instructors and learning environment. However, it is not possible for all to go and learn Russian in Russia, as the huge amount of money and time is involved. So, what is the best alternative? Look for anOnline Russian study school that can offer to train you ‘one to one’ in Russian lessons learning, through online private instructors. Aren’t private tutors very expensive? Normally the answer is yes, but not then when you are getting them through a well-oriented online language School.

Russian-Go offers experienced Russian instructors with good command over the English language. They impart their services to the group learners and individuals, during the time slot chosen by the learners. The learners need to pay a small amount for the lessons, starting from $1 a lesson onwards, at 25 minutes per lesson. The native Russian instructors with proficiency in the second language give lessons in the Russian language through Skype.

Russian-Go steps for learning

Step1- Download & install Skype and furnish skype ID while registering as member.

Step2- Free member registration by providing the basic information such as your mail address and Skype ID.

Step3- Make a lesson reservation by logging into the site, pick the lesson time, required reservations with instructor’s selection.

Step4- Skype call by instructor for lesson at lesson time, fun time the learning time.

Tips for the beginners

  • Start from the beginning and move ahead systematically- You need to get your basics right that means being accustomed to the alphabets. For English speaking people learning alphabets could be a minor challenge. The 33 Russian alphabets should be perfected before you move on.
  • Find a partner to converse in Russian. If the partner knows little or no English, you would be bound to communicate in Russian only this will help you to learn fast.
  • Keep a notebook and pen for ready reference and to note down new words.
  • Watch Russian movies or TV shows.

These should be besides what your instructor will guide you, learn Russian the smart way.

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