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If you are a student, a professional marketer or someone who deals with a large amount of content as part of your work, then you must have at least heard of plagiarism checkers that could make your life so much easier. is the new trend out there for plagiarism checking due to its effectiveness, simplicity to use and reasonable pricing. Here is our review of this awesome tool that makes plagiarism check for large amounts of data so much easier. Review is a newly launched plagiarism checking tool that works without the need for a user to register. Everything works based on emails and is the same thing that identifies a user.


Safety Of The Original Documents


Safety of a document is a serious concern for professionals. provides two options for the security of the document. After uploading the files, it will be deleted automatically after 24 hours unless the user chooses otherwise.




The reason why most people hesitate to go with a paid plagiarism checker tool is that fact that they are all priced quite high. is aimed at both start-up guys and professional. The pricing is 9 USD per document regardless of its size. There is even more discount for bulk purchases.


How to use



The tool is extremely simple to use that it doesn’t really need explanations.


Simply go to the tool located at


Clicking on the upload button will open up the folder browser where you can select your document file.


In the next stage, enter your email ID and payment information and the test result will be emailed to you.


The free version of the tool


In 2019, no one will buy a tool without trying it out first. Which is why has a free version of the plagiarism checker right on the homepage. All the user has to do is copy and paste the text to check and it’ll show the results almost instantly.


More Features

Fast and accurate


The plagiarism checker is fast and accurate. The tool, when a document is uploaded will start to look on the web for similar content almost instantly. The results come with an accuracy of 87% according to calculations done in January 2019.


A large database for comparison


A plagiarism checker is only as good as the index of data it has. around 70 scientific databases to look for plagiarised content.


Cost-effective solutions based on user needs


Due to the nature and requirements of the different variety of users a plagiarism checker tool can have, has actually various pricing plans. If you are a university, you can actually get the tool at discounted prices since the purchase will be for a large number of users.


There are different plans based on different categories of users such as bloggers, marketers, students, writers, etc.


Bottomline is one of the best and easy to plagiarism checking solutions out there that comes with a custom pricing for various user segments and is quite effective and affordable if you are into writing and publishing large amounts of content.


Due to the unique approach and business model of, different segments of users are easily able to purchase the tool based on their needs. The tool goes above expectation due to fast processing time, the large database it has and variable user-based pricing. With a high customer satisfaction rate, seems to be growing at a fast pace.

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