Planning to Purchase your Home? Consult a Real Estate Attorney

Purchasing a home is often a complex process, especially if it's your first home. Every state has regulations on who and what should be involved in the home purchase. This is one of the main reasons why you should consult an experienced attorney on real estate law. According to the law in many states, the help of a real estate agent isn't legally required. Although real estate agents can assist you in preparing your home purchase contract, in some states, only an attorney should prepare home purchase documents, conduct a title search, and help you close the home purchase deal.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney

Some of the consequences resulting from mistakes such as omissions during the home buying process can cause major headaches. To avoid such legal consequences, first, review the housing and mortgage conditions with your mortgage broker. You should also review the mortgage documents thoroughly before you sign and commit yourself. At this point, it is advisable to seek professional legal opinion from a qualified attorney on real estate law.  Your residential real estate attorney will begin by reviewing the contract before you can sign it. This is mostly important if you are purchasing your first home. Buying your first home will cause both anxiety and excitement that can make it easy for you to miss important terms. Your attorney will also work with your financier and the home seller's attorney or agents to ensure that the right dates are set for attorney approval, mortgage commitment, and home inspection among other contingencies. This is important because laws in several states have some limitations on the timeline for all these procedures.

Reviewing The Closing Documents

Your attorney will inspect all the important documents to identify common mistakes such as misspelled names and typos, including:

  • Title
  • Mortgage loan forms
  • Deed
  • Plat of parcel survey
  • Title insurance

The legal report of the property you are about to purchase should be right. This is because it can heavily impact on your ability to add improvements, to remodel, and property taxes. Ensure that your attorney is also present during the closing. Your attorney will make sure that all documents, terms, and revisions are all represented in the document you will be signing.

Backing Out of A Deal

Most states attorneys have the power to change the legal language in the purchase contract to make the purchase contract void under state laws. You can consider such an option in case the inspection results indicate serious red flags such as the foundation, mold, and plumbing issues.

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