Pre-Employment IT Tests That Help Tech Companies Identify Top Talent

Pre-employment assessments also known as skills tests offer an effective way for employers to gain insight into the capabilities of job candidates who are applying for positions in their company. Scanning through a resume provides limited information about a candidate’s skills and ability to perform a job. On the other hand, a hiring test helps assess the applicant’s skills and abilities, and can often predict how successful the person will be in the job.

Enterprises spend a huge amount of time and money on recruiting and hiring, and studies show that companies can decrease mis-hire costs by as much as 70% by using pre-employment tests. Therefore many companies require skills assessments.

Employers frequently use pre-employment IT tests to assess programming and web development skills as well as mobile app development abilities. Depending on the job level and specifications, an IT or computer related test could include any or all of the following.

  • Subject-Based Tests - Microsoft Office, Java, C++, hardware and networking, database management, Windows OS, and system administration for various operating systems.

  • Modular Tests - Business intelligence, Internet browsers, typing and data entry, are some of the most popular modular tests. Assessments normally include questions from other types of tests to create a well-rounded test.

  • Standard Tests - Network Engineer, Java Developer, Web Developer, e-Commerce Project Manager, are some common standard tests. Companies often have the option to customize tests by adding their own questions.

  • Operations Skills Tests - Assesses the basic skills a candidate needs to work with an IT interface from managing computer systems efficiently to troubleshooting networking problems.

  • Developmental Skills Tests – Database management and programming skills are two examples of critical development skills that IT professionals are tested for. These tests assess how candidates work under pressure to meet a deadline.

  • Application Skills Tests - Packages such as Microsoft Office, CAD (Computer Aided Design) and graphics design applications are examples of commonly-used application skills tests. Companies can customize the hiring tests to match their business needs and the job for which the candidate is applying.

These are just some of the types of IT and computer related tests that companies use to assess candidates’ IT skills before they hire to narrow the candidate pool for a position, avoid mis-hires and identify training needs.

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