Premature Ejacutlation can be a symptom of these leading health conditions

Premature Ejaculation Issues

Do you or someone you know have premature ejaculation issues that you need to be aware of more in depth? It is a problem that is fairly common in some men. There can be doubts about what exactly this problem is. What are the signs? What are the cures? And so many other questions are probably on your mind as you read this. I will explain just what it is right now. If you are sexually active with a partner you might have noticed that when you ejaculate it is sooner than it's supposed to happen. Sex should be good and not having issues that mind hinder the moment. It could put your love life and even marriage or relationship on hold or worse yet be oblivious totally if not corrected. Thats a problem to

buy priligy in melbourne, it is not normal and shouldn't be considered the norm. There are things you can do to help.


There are many different causes for premature ejaculation. If you have them then the first thing you might want to do is to address those issues first and then the prematureness might go away. Stress, guilt, sexual abuse in the past, no self esteem, and/or anxiety with your relationship and pressure to be perfect, not to mention other relationship problems could be the reason behind it all. Try to relax and not worry about anything, which is easier said and done but it is really helpful. If you get a massage or try yoga that could help with those issues that are underlying. Men are more apt to do sports or even jog, but those ideas might not be too bad either in order to gelp yourself get rid of the problem.

Prevention or Treatment?

It is best to prevent every disease or medical issue but that is not always possible. Preventing things is sometimes hit or miss, you might prevent one thing but not the other. So you can try if you want to but if you can't then try to embrace the treatment instead. There is hope a cure will be achievable. Aside from psycho therapy or medications that might be available there are other strategies to use. 

The Squeezing Method

This is one cure that many people might not know about. But it is quite simple. You do this as you are having sex. Your partner gets involved and therefore you want one that is very responsive to your needs as that is what it will take in this account. They need to stimulate you up to the point of right before you need to ejaculate. The squeeze the penis where the shaft and head meet. Doing this until you do not want to ejaculate anymore will allow you to keep your intercourse seesion in motion, and you might need to do it again up to 4 times if needed.


Condoms are known to lower the sensation you have while having sex and prevent premature ehaculation so try to use them. They are useful for more than preventing pregnancies and diseases.


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