Presenter Highlight: Turn Your Learning Management System Into An Online Playground by Sylvia Guinan

Turn Your LMS into an Online Playground by Sylvia Guinan in Greece


Today, we had the privilege of catching up with Sylvia Guinan who blogs, presents, and teaches online from Greece. If you missed her #RSCON4 session, you can catch the recording. The link is provided below. If you teach online or do blended learning, then Sylvia's webinar is a must. She's one of the most interactive online teachers. Her ideas spark creativity and play. This is her interview.


What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

I hope that they will have a deeper feel for the power of learning management systems and how to choose the best environments for their students in order to create life-long learning homes for individual minds and hearts. Edutainment homes that are simple, attractive, fun, brain-friendly, and extremely productive in pedagogical terms within wider frameworks of social and emotional significance.


I believe that great changes can be made through:


1) Focusing on creative essentials that give students the power to reach out and express themselves globally.

2) This self-expression will lead to new levels of confidence in our learners.

3) Teachers will plan essentials and then get greater results through smaller 'effort'.

Effort is often over-rated as a productivity or educational tool for transformation. Over-trying, wasting resources, and burning-out factors kill the impetus needed for making a difference.

It's about doing more in less time from attractive environments, learning more with fewer tools, and sharing more with less stress.


What was your favorite #RSCON4 moment(s)?

I learnt so much from the way our amazing organisers orchestrated the whole event. I was very impressed with the tireless dedication and attention to detail that helped things to really work.


I really enjoyed blogging about it and helping to create buzz and excitement. I loved the fact that many of my close colleagues were there with me.

The best is yet to come as I now plan to check out the other presentations and I see exciting patterns of interweaving influences that I hope to explore in my forthcoming article about the event.


I was also amazed at how inspiration and brainwaves catch on and ignite the whole ELT community. One example is Shelly Terrell's EDUgoals - some of us from the core Edugoal movement who have been actively journalling and sharing were just propelled forward in amazing ways. The kindness project struck me as very significant and I will be exploring that brainwave in great detail.

Although I didn't have time to really attend all of the wonderful events I will make the most of the recordings.

What are you looking forward to doing now that you've survived #RSCON4?

I'm helping to run the second ELT-T MOOC initiative created by Fluency MC on WiZiQ where my ideas about learning management systems will be further tested and where my experience at #RSCON will definitely make this second MOOC more dynamic than ever.

I'm also continuing to blog for the love of blogging and I definitely need to do more of my own writing of ELT materials though I have ongoing materials development and writing project contracts for the next year.

I'll be presenting a webinar for The British Council in January and plan to go deeply and practically into 'Social and Emotional Learning Through Technology'.

I continue to teach privately online, of course, and, most importantly, I have big ideas for my bilingual kids and have recently been influenced by the Arts, drama, and dancing initiatives organised by Joel Josephson.

Last, but never least, I will continue collaborating with my inspiring personal learning network on exciting projects such as writing, publishing , teacher-training etc.Some of that will involve helping with more professional development online. I will be working with people I greatly admire at EVO on irresistible projects.

I just remind myself that I can do it ALL but not ALL at the same time. Luckily all of this is mapped out on a monthly basis over the coming year - as a busy mother I'm obsessed with productivity - doing more in less time.

My biggest lesson learnt (or should I say validated) is that my experience at #RSCON came about because I did what I loved regardless of whether there were outward measurable 'results'. What I loved was my blogging and online experiments. In that sense blogging/writing is my 20% of activity that yields 80% of my results.

My message to other teachers is to find your 20% - the thing that really gets you in the inspiration zone. Your teaching values will take you where you want to go.

Catch the recorded session here-


More About the Presentation- Sylvia's blog

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Comment by Fabiana Casella on October 24, 2013 at 8:16am

Say no more! Amazing!

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