Joseph Tramontana has acted as School Business Administrator and HR Director for the Hamilton Township School District.

In his capacity of School Business Administrator he developed and finalized a $200 million dollar budget with terrific success. Throughout his tenure as Human Resources Director he acted as the district's Top Negotiator. This required the capability to resolve complicated contracts with one of the state's most effective lobbying groups. 

Mr. Tramontana has a proven track record of increasing revenue and lowering expenses. He developed a very well regarded Employee Safety Program, that saved the district nearly one million dollars by reducing injuries and related employee expenses.

In his capacity of School Business administrator, he was able to carry out an Energy Savings Improvement Program. This program significantly minimized energy expenses, while permitting the district to acquire new Capital upgrades at no cost to the taxpayers. These are only 2 examples of innovative he ways he was able to minimize major expenses.

Mr. Tramontana aggressively pursued technology initiatives, so hundreds of students can take advantage of the fantastic learning opportunities state of the art technology can provide. He believes this is a essential and critical area and it will have a remarkable effect on student learning. 

Joseph Tramontana holds instructional certificates from the New Jersey Department of Education as a Principal and School Business Administrator. He maintains a well-read blog called "The Citizen's Guide to School Finance.

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