PRP Injections Becoming a Highly Sought-After Treatment

Non-Surgical treatment for rejuvenation of the face, skin, and scalp is growing in popularity and is being requested commonly in cosmetic clinics all over the world. This treatment is unusual in that it is produced from your blood. Requiring only a small sample of your blood to create this injectable treatment to take advantage of the power of platelets and growth factors produced in your body to rejuvenate and repair.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from PRP Injections?

While this does vary somewhat, it’s generally expected that around a month to a month and a half after treatment improvements will be noticeable. The increase in collagen production caused by this treatment can take a little longer with up to three months to become more apparent. How long the results last will vary; however, a series of three treatments can produce results that can last up to two years, which is quite a decent lasting time for a non-surgical treatment. Often treatments are spaced out with at least a 4-6 week gap in between to ensure the previous treatment has settled and the injections sites have healed.

What May Make Me Not Suitable for PRP Injections?

Sometimes people may not be a suitable candidate for PRP injections, though thanks to this treatment being primarily produced from your blood, the risk of reactions are quite low, but other things can be problematic. Having implants in an area you want to have treated can often make you unsuitable as the treatment requires injections that risk puncturing the implant. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, this is not recommended. If you have had any type of cancer, have an autoimmune disease, or are taking blood-thinning medications you may also be a less suitable candidate for this treatment, the best way to find out is to book a consultation with a practitioner experienced in providing PRP treatments. Being assessed by an experienced practitioner allows you not just to find out if you are suitable, but you can also discuss what potentially platelet-rich plasma treatments may be able to help you with, as well as be fully informed on the risks, procedure, and aftercare considerations.

What is it Like After PRP Injections?

As fluid is administered, some degree of temporary swelling is to be expected, though this is typically quite minor. Some redness or a feeling of warmth at the treated areas is also something that is a common thing you may experience and is associated with the activation of the platelets. Bruising may occur; however, this is also usually minor and will dissipate in a few days.

Finding the Best Clinic for PRP Injection Melbourne Has to Offer

When you are looking for cosmetic treatments, it’s important to look for a well-run clinic staffed with experienced practitioners that offer high-quality treatments. It’s always worthwhile to do some research and check reviews and chat with any friends that have attended a clinic you are considering if you have any. In Melbourne, you don’t have to look far for PRP injections in Melbourne with Skin Club providing high-quality PRP treatments that are extremely high in platelets thanks to their high-end in house equipment and careful preparation of this treatment.


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