Redefining The Corporate Training With Online Distance Learning Courses

The skill gap is the major concern for organisations. Because it may affect operations and productivity of the companies. This affects the industry as the whole. And in the larger context, the economy of the region suffer a setback. This is one reason why corporates across the world are stressing upon the training of employees and even the new recruits. However, the training process and methods have transformed. Many companies instead of face to face training moved on to the online distance learning system. This learning system has enabled trainee and trainer to participate in the flexible, personalised and real-time learning of the employees.

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Effective and swift skill building with online learning

As means of training for skill building corporate employees are greatly engaged to Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). It's considered as the effective platform for upgrading or gaining the new skill. This trend has been followed worldwide. The videos, forums for discussion, self-test module, practical learning and expert teaching of the MOOCs have helped to receive the quality education just from the PCs and mobile devices at the flexible time from any location with internet. Let's briefly discuss quality, access and application of online learning:

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Learning access

One most interesting feature of online distance learning courses is that one can access learning at any time according to own convenience. And from any part of the world. I mean if your organisation have one branch in London and another in New York, both can communicate to each other for training via online. This trend is growing in the corporates. Admitting the benefit, however, many point out that at certain areas they require to interact with the trainer face to face. This could be sorted out if the organisation can provide the additional time where employees can directly interact with the trainer. Hence, organisation preferring MOOC should carefully select their training programmes as there are too many resources. One thing to note here is that the organisations and employees should collectively and effectively work together to use MOOCs for the desired outcome.

Relevant and quality contents

Companies have to select or design contents that match their criteria. In this regard, it's necessary that learning contents are pertinent and maintain the industry quality. There are MOOCs and vendors who provide likewise training. However, the contents should be seen at verifying whether it's matching the training parameter of the organisation.

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Adoption of new techs and information

New learning information is evolving every day. It's imperative that this information are filtered and adopted in real time so that the level and quality of the training is enhanced. The more improved quality and standard of contents would mean better knowledge development of the employees. Besides, companies need to adopt new technologies. It's important to include the latest techs because this would ensure the easy and convenient learning for the employees.

Share your perspective about the growing popularity and global acceptance of online learning system and how it is changing the face of corporate learning!

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