Redesigning E-courses: Making Online Learning More Effective

How to engage students in more substantial learning? There are number of students who quit higher studies because of various reasons. Now the outlook towards catering learning to the students is changing. There is also constant effort to re-engage drop-outs to take education and also to help the other students to receive more effective learning. It's possible if Universities can made some progressive alterations in their course designs i.e. inclusion of online learning with quality education. Meanwhile, some Universities have realised significance of change in their course module and measures which is already paying the dividend. In new course design includes the focuses on to up scale the effort of the student. Besides, it also ensures the engagement of the students. Read on.

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Online Learning For Improving Performance

Merely offering online learning may not help. It might result to disengagement or drop-out from the midst of an online course. Hence, it's pre-eminent that Universities which are offering e-courses to redesign an meaningful and effective learning for career advancement. Study points that with quality and customised online education with bright prospects and more opportunities. A survey conducted with one thousand engineering students revealed that online learning meeting personal requisites has lowered the failure rate from 31 percent to 7 percent amid 2007 to 2011.

Inclusion Of New Tech & Infra

New and advanced technology has to be incorporated in the e-education. It should impart learning with simple and ingenious techniques. The adoption of the advance technology would help to improve the level and catering learning to the student with different set of requirements.

I would also recommend to move away from the previous techniques of online teaching. Moreover, the study resources should not contain only the e-books. Presentations aided with audio-video should be there. Also, the videos of lectures and explanations with probable questions and doubts associated with it should be uploaded too. University of New South Wales has included adaptive learning which has been effective in assisting the students who needed personalised help.

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Adopting new course design for online education should append data analytic and advance digital education area to make the infrastructure of e-learning compact. Though, online education equips students with learning technology, still, a lot depends on the online instructor. Greater focus should be given to enhance the quality of the online teacher so that students get quality teaching from the instructor.

Designing Online Programme : 5 Tips

Reviving the online learning programmes needs incisive education paradigm. To design the courses of online learning to make it valuable learning certain aspects should be kept in place. Let find out:

  • Evaluate the intent of e-learning course.
  • Allow student to learn personally similar to the tuition like emphasis with customise learning.
  • Access how can your web course could benefit your students.
  • Create a space for students to voice their opinion what could be done to make online learning more effective.
  • Device technological stools that could enable students rise form average or regular online learning.

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Plan And Execute

It's always necessary to bring in the new thoughts, ideas and technology to to the online learning. It has to adapt new contemporary methods to suit the convenience of the students. Similarly, it's essential that an online programme evolves from time to time to make the course more productive for the career advancement of an individual. Experts say that online learning is the future on education but I say to be it e-learning has to design its courses with respect to the educational need and demand.

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