Ricoh Digital Billing & Meter reading system to help you save paper & go green

Keen consciousness towards the environment has been a key focal area when devising business strategies at Ricoh. A testimony to this is company's implementation of '3 Ps'; People, Planet and Profit. And with intent to extend this, Ricoh is requesting participation from customers.


An extensive analysis by Ricoh of its entire billing and payment collection cycle shows that Ricoh employees, on an average, travel almost 70,000 kms every month. This transpires into 5400 kg of Co2 emissions. The analysis also took into account the use of paper and the movement of the employees for meter reading and invoicing.


Ricoh has progressive plans of reducing such an enormous carbon footprint by digitizing the entire meter reading and billing process. An integral step to this would involve invoicing machines with the option to send automated meter readings on the basis of data captured through its cloud services.


The execution of this innovative idea would see the technical staff of @Remote. @Remote is Ricoh’s highly efficient remote management system for print devices. This enables the seamless upkeep of all your print devices, and covers all aspects from the firmware upgrades to toner replacements.


@Remote also incorporates a web portal where all the data is collected and analysed to generate reports on usage, green reporting and so on.


This initiative would see, in tandem, the implementation of paperless e-billing via e-mail. Customers are only required to share an authorized e-mail ID to activate this facility. To simplify things further for customers, Ricoh is also offering a convenient and safe way to make bill payments through RTGS/NEFT.


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