We all remember the European Court of Justice’s recent lawsuit on Google titled “Right to be forgotten”. The lawsuit criticized how Google stores all information concerning every person and in fact, every entity. Some corporations and organizations were concerned that their mishaps or ill repute in the past may shadow their virtues in the current day. However, Google had intelligently responded to the lawsuit by making a web form accessible through which people or organizations could remove all their past information from Google.

The lawsuit was filed when a Spanish national had been involved in the auction of a property for over a decade. The auction was in place to resolve social security debts. Upon googling his name, people found stories about the auction, however the man believed that the stories were old and they should not be seen on Google.

In some places, the ruling has been defined as an easy method to be forgotten and a new aspect of press censorship. The ruling allows people to request data controllers to remove their link to any outdated or irrelevant information. After proper investigation, if the request is found legitimate, the links will be removed. Hence, when their name is searched on the internet, the search results will not return links to those pages. However, if you happen to stumble upon that page through some other query or source, you can access that taboo information. The request for link removal will be rejected if the links in question are important for searches on that person’s name.

Ever since the form has been made accessible, people in tens of thousands have started to fill it and are requesting the search engine to remove their past links. This overwhelming response can be very dangerous for Google. The past case against China and now against the European Union are making things difficult for Google.

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