Six Best Study Habits for New University Students

Though other factors like motivation, intelligence, aptitude, attitudes, learning abilities, etc. are important and essential, to make proper use of these abilities, the following study habits are considered to be beneficial. 

1. Will to learn:

This is the most important aspect. The learner should have strong will to learn. If there is a will, there will be motivation and interest. The student will have attention and concentration and will make sincere efforts. Even adverse environmental conditions like cold, heat, noise, etc. can overcome with learner’s willpower.

2. Clarity of purpose/goal:

If the student knows the purpose of study, then he/she can focus on the learning and the study will be goal directed. Goal sets our mind to attain and achieve.

3. Planning the learning periods:

The student should spread the learning periods over the entire semester or academic year. Develop regular habits to study before and after the classes, morning and night. Study at regular hours.

Start reading from the beginning of the year or course without unnecessary postponement. Remember that good beginning is half done. Keep all the required learning materials ready before starting to read, so that distraction of mind may be avoided.

4. How to read text/notes:
Do not read the text or notes casually like college essay editing, a newspaper/magazine, where there will not be any intention to learn and remember. While reading any lesson, think about the meaning and significance of that lesson.

The student should develop the habit of using dictionary to know the meaning of words and concepts. Get clarifications for doubts. Try to understand the formulae, laws, concepts, diagrams, etc. Make meaningful notes and outlines and underline the headlines and other important points.

Read until you become perfect (over learning). Read 45 to 50 minutes in one stretch. Change the subject to avoid monotony. How a student reads is more important than how many times he/she reads. Logical learning helps for assimilation of ideas and in turn for better retention. Do not feel shy or hesitate to clarify doubts with teachers /friends /experts.

5. Make profit from lectures:

As far as possible the students should try to sit in the class in front benches to avoid distraction of mind. Pay attention to lectures. Take down notes and outlines while listening, to keep attentive and alert. Note down the questions and doubts that arise during lecture and get clarifications immediately. Review the class notes on the same day. The students should not miss classes.

6. Need for proper physical surroundings:

Select clean and quiet place for study. A comfortable chair and a table can be used, but placed away from window. Avoid use of bed, sofa and easy chair while reading. Avoid TV, radio, chatting, etc., as they lead to distraction. There must be sufficient light and ventilation.

To sum up, success of any student depends upon good study habits adopted by that student. Every new University student should follows six study habits above to have excellent results.

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