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Have you wondered how to send a package to India? Perhaps you have family there or have company shipments with sold items to the ever-expanding market. But what can you send? What cannot you send? Obviously many online sites are here to answer all these questions and easily help you send a Parcel to India.

India is a massive country, with a vast landscape and there is an increasing number of choices when it comes to finding a carrier or courier to or from India.

You can use regular postal services or courier services, which are often faster and more reliable.

  • Make sure your item and content can be shipped to India.

The first thing recommend before packing your package is to ensure that the content is legal and safe to send. Things that can not normally be sent to abroad are meat and animal products. Indian rules also do not allow sending items such as DVDs and material that criticize the state for political reasons. A practically limited and prohibited list is available on the online sites so you know in advance what international couriers will not handle.

  • First check with regard to additional taxes and fees as well as customs and fees

Like most countries, India also has rules for imports of goods and certain additional costs. There are a few factors apart from restrictions / prohibitions that may affect your package's content in relation to import and taxation. For personal effects (a gift from one person to another for example), as long as the value of your package is below as the estimated price limit (approximately $ 80), you will not be responsible for any additional fees. If the value is above this, the recipient may be charged an import fee.

  • Pack and pack your shipping properly

When you ship a package to India, this is not the same as sending it to some local places of yours. This means that your package will travel far by land, air or by sea - and go through many depots and sorting facilities on the road. So it is recommended that you use a strong box for your package, do not overfill, and invest in a good inner packaging as well. Also, you must do your primary research on the different courier companies providing packaging guidelines. For this you may need.

  • Marking your package

Before you ship your package to India, you are required to fill out a pro forma invoice or a customs document - which is a document describing all the items in your package. They are necessary for the Indian authorities to know what to import into India. You must print 3 separate copies of this form and attach them to the outside of your package. This is how the Indian customs will easily access the papers without having to open the package.

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