So, You Want to Be a Web Designer?

Web design is a career field which has grown extensively in the last 20 years. Early on in web design, there were very few web designers competing in the job marketplace.

Now there is a lot of competition which means you need to know everything that it takes to become a successful web designer. being talented is not enough in web design and know how to make attractive looking websites.

You must know what it takes to get a potential client to hire you versus another web designer.

Communication Skills

Web design is a business like anything else. To sell your web design services to a potential client, you need to be an excellent communicator. This can be a hurdle for your creative types because they often overthink and talk too little.

But you need to exude confidence in your web design skill and the way you present yourself or else they are not going to trust you.

Build a Portfolio

It is not enough to apply or bid for web design jobs. If you are going to have much of an opportunity or chance of finding clients, you need to have a portfolio of your web design work that you can show them.

This will give potential clients the basic sense that you at least know web design and they can learn the kinds of web design styles you are good at. If one of those styles matches what they’re looking for, then you could easily get hired by that client.

Positive Feedback

One big thing that builds confidence in potential clients is when they see that you have received a lot of positive feedback from your previous clients.

Perhaps you have testimonials on your website or there is a third-party website which has reviews of your services on there. If you can show those to potential clients, then you will win a lot of points with them.

Plan the Design

Before a potential client officially hires you, they’ll want to know that you have good ideas for their website’s design. Not only do you need to research the background of their company on your own, but you need to ask them what they envision their website to look like.

More importantly, they must tell you what they want their website to accomplish when visitors look at it. Based on this feedback, you will sketch out a design and present it to them. If they like it, they will most likely hire you.

Stay Updated on Trends

Web design is continuously evolving. There are new technologies and programming languages being made for websites all the time. If you learned web design ten years ago and are still designing websites the same way you learned back then, you are probably not going to find much work in this field.

Trends include web hosting developments, software innovations and new design technologies. Web design is a field which involves continuous education as new updates and expectations are made in it.

Learn New Skills

As you stay updated on the latest trends in web design, you will be required to learn some new skills along the way. This may mean having to take tech courses in more modern programming languages like HTML5 or CSS.

At the same time, better quality web graphics will be in demand too. Because of this, you will need to retrain yourself as a graphic designer and learn how to make higher resolution graphics that meet today’s standards.

Use a Team

You may be able to tackle one small web design job on your own. But if you have a client who hires you for a bigger project, you should collaborate with a group of skilled designers who can assist you.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to do everything by yourself, especially if you already have multiple clients that you work for. Whether you need to outsource or hire employees to your team, it will greatly take the pressure off as you strive to produce quality work for your clients.

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