More and more young people today are considering college is not as a necessity but as an option of life. And it's for the better. The university system is more like an attempt to hide in a cocoon, and not learn something new.

Fifty-three percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or working part-time, and 54 percent of them are still living with their parents. Among janitors 11,500 graduates. The amount of student debt is $ 1.1 trillion (more than the amount of debt on a credit card), all of 10 per cent of borrowers took it for education.

Young entrepreneurs, who have both the skills and enthusiasm, now have the opportunity to discover other ways of development, such as to establish their own business or join a startup.

So if you think to leave the university, you are definitely not alone in these thoughts. And you probably have a good reason. Normal to feel lost and confused. Here are a few reasons why you should not be afraid to quit university:

1. The best alternative to a blind following the others along the way college became a student's model Robert Green, about which he wrote in his latest book "Mastery". Discipleship practiced since the Middle Ages, instead of the college is expected to spend two to three years as an apprentice to entrepreneurs. Find someone who works in a field where you want to work, and develop a relationship with him and the student - teacher.

2. Many people find that hard to graduate from college, and start to think about how to quit and start doing something else, because they do not think that they will be able to defense a dissertation and graduate from University. And it's not the right reason to quit it. In many ways, student life - it is a model of real life, and if you want to quit, then you're running from the first difficulties. At some point in your life you have to learn to be independent and to live in such an environment.

3. If you have trouble in college and you live in constant stress, then you are doing something wrong. Imagine that it is a challenge, a system through which you need to break, deal with it and learn how to cope. Millions of people before you and millions after will be able to get this piece of paper - "diploma". Relax and realize that this is achievable. Then, when you get bored or you will find for yourselves the better thing, quit at the first chance.

4. But do not jump off a cliff into the abyss. Let you have a clear decision, what would you do instead of college. Your internship will be valid for your prospect? You have additional income from third-party business, you want to do? Let's define once, want to travel, or to become an expert in the media - it is not realistic plans. It is ephemeral fantasies.

5. So, you should not be scared or have difficult to quit college. Brass Check founder and marketing director of American Apparel Ryan Holiday several times started and quitted study. For those who have abandoned his studies, the stigma of loser and loafer can handle. But if you know that you have a much better alternative than staying in a hostel, just believe in yourself. And let all the doubters will be for you the impetus to move, leave them behind - let them swallow the dust.

Obtaining a diploma - it is not an automatic ticket to a job with a good salary and other benefits. You do not have to suffer for education debt if you do not want. The decision to quit - not a matter of life and death. If you would be more usefully spent the time spent in lecture halls, on the promotion of a startup, it's time to quit university.

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