Every parent knows that overseeing the education of a child is difficult and complex process. This is magnified when the child has learning disabilities. Often, a parent is forced to bring suit against the education system in order to see that their learning disabled child is given the education they deserve. Special education law in Dutchess County states that children with learning disabilities have certain rights that must be protected. These rights are specifically protected under the Section 504, discrimination against handicapped students form and by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).


Seeking Legal Protection For Students With Disabilities


If your child is having trouble receiving the kind of education they deserve, it’s appropriate to bring in legal experts to help represent the child and to fight for their rights. Special education law in Dutchess County states that every child, even those who suffer from learning disabilities, has the right to a free and public education. A skilled legal team with expertise in the areas of special education law will be able to represent your child’s case in front of committees on special education as well as hearing officers and the courts. There shouldn’t be any limit to the education your child receives, which is why there are law firms dedicated to fighting for the rights of children.


Disciplinary Cases


For some children with learning issues, disciplinary problems can also be a factor. In cases where a child is having disciplinary problems in school, it may be prudent to retain a legal team with experience in manifestation review determinations. This area of the law is complex and also very specific, and for a parent, dealing with the issues can be emotionally draining.


Don't let your child go without the educational protection they need. If they are having issues in school due to a learning disability, be sure to get the representation you need. Contact a dedicated education lawyer today. 

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