Spring Break is right around the corner (some have already began their
mid-season vacations) and Kiwi put together a list of tips and faux pas
for both students and parents to consider during their holiday. A simple
Google search on 'Spring Break' will provide a myriad of pictures
displaying both young guys and girls, half naked and doing things that I
am sure most teachers and parents would not approve of. Of course not
all kids and teens will engage in the typical MTV type Spring Break, but
mainstream media seems to try to coerce them into the 'party hard' type
of mentality. What tons of people are forgetting, however, is with the
use of Facebook and other social media websites, anyone that crosses
your path can snap a picture of you in your most vulnerable moment and
display it for the world to see on the Internet. This Spring Break, we
encourage all students to think before they act and remember to be
careful with the use of digital and phone cameras.

Click here for our list of do's and don'ts this Spring/March break and also a list of
activities that will help keep the kids busy and out of trouble.

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