Report writing is an important writing skill in different disciplines. A report is written to inform and occasionally persuade. Report writing involves presenting a topic or problem with evidence. Reports only discuss facts and information. To write a book report, first, read the book without thinking about the report. After reading, prepare yourself how you are going to write it.

Here are the necessary steps involved in book report writing.

    1.What are you supposed to do?

The first thing when writing a book report is understanding what you are supposed to do. Are you expected to read a book? How long should the report be? Which subject are you writing on? Are you expected to give your opinion?

   2. Keep short notes as you read the book

Write short notes as you read the book. Also, note the characters and their roles, main ideas, and relevant quotes.

   3.Outline the main ideas

Note the main ideas and their supporting arguments in the book as you read it. Identify the main characters and their role in the book. Explain how they change in the book if they do. Note down the story's turning point, major events in the story, how the resolution unfolds, and indicate whether the story had a satisfying ending.

    4.Start writing with an introduction

You should write down the title and author of the book in the first paragraph. Other details such as the publisher or year of publication among others should only be used if asked to do so. Give a summary of the areas the book report will look at. Only share the basic information.

   5.Write the body

Use the details identified in the outline to write the body. Give your opinion on the book; give more details about the major themes and their effectiveness. Explain your own opinion and state whether it appeals you. You don't have to summarize every chapter.


In this part, restate your main idea. Mention the major points and your opinion if possible. Let the reader have the same feeling you developed after reading the book. Make the readers desire to read the book.

   7.Reread you work

Make sure that different parts of the report serve their purpose. Go through the introduction, body, and conclusion and screen any mistakes made. Ensure that the different paragraphs you have written support the introduction. Ensure you have followed all the requirements given by your teacher

   8.Proofread and correct

Go through your paper and address any spelling mistakes, grammar, and punctuation errors. Let someone else do the reading as it is easier for him to identify any error. Ensure you work is captivating, has a flow, makes sense.

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