Storm Damage: Don’t Hire Storm Chasers

As a homeowner, we realize how difficult it can be to deal with a tragic storm. Dealing with devastating hail, destroyed roofs, flooded basements, and damaged siding can leave you feeling hopeless. You feel like your most prized possession (your home) has been destroyed in moments.


During these times you need to make sure your family is safe, make sure you have some temporary shelter and then you need to call your insurance company.


We’ll help you understand what to do from a roofing perspective, show you why you should avoid “storm chasers” and the importance of working with a local pro.


What is a Roofing Storm Chaser

When you think of a storm chaser you think of crazy people who drive tanks into hurricanes, and tornadoes, to get never before seen footage. You think of meteorologists who are living on the edge.


When you’re a roofer you think of a “storm chaser” as someone who chases down neighbourhoods that have been pounded by hail or wind in hopes of getting a quick sale.


When a bad hailstorm comes through town and damages a ton of roofs guess who’s phone rings off the hook the next morning? Roofers. It’s not uncommon that entire neighbourhoods experience roof damage. This means that all of the roofers in the area are being called. However, it’s not uncommon that during these times there is more demand for roofing services there are roofers in the area. This is where the “storm chasers” come in.


Storm chasers know that all of the local roofing pros in that area will be overwhelmed with work. This means they can swoop in and make a quick buck. Roofers from out of town will come in, knock on doors, and promote their services.


As a homeowner, you don’t want to wait weeks for the repairs and there is a “roofer” at your door ready to do the work now. He claims to have experience and he passes the fog test (aka he can fog up a mirror) so why not hire him?


Local Roofing Pros vs Storm Chasers


Based off of what you now know about storm chasers you can probably see the difference between the two. However, in case you missed the huge red flags, we will cover them again here.


First of all, local pros didn’t develop a professional reputation by accident. When a roofing contractor follows the rules and regulations, gets the proper licenses and insurances, hires the best tradesmen in the area, always strives to do the best work possible…then they become “pros” after years of proving themselves. These pros have tons of customers and reviews backing their work and experience.


When a guy shows up with a truck after a storm and says they are ready to fix your roof you don’t know him from Adam. Is this an actual roofer or a guy disguised as a roofer who will never show up again after you give him a deposit check? Is this a local pro or someone who’s looking for a quick buck.


Imagine looking at each and every car on the road and thinking that every vehicle was the same. It almost sounds impossible. This is because you are familiar with vehicles on the road. You know that some brands are more expensive, some are more reliable, some are built to for luxury, some are built for speed. You also know that some cars are just garbage and you would never buy them (you’ve seen the bad reviews).


Homeowners look at roofers like they are all the same when in reality each company is entirely different. Do NOT assume all roofers are the same.

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