Study of Motivation for Managers: Lesson 2

Let us now continue our study on motivation and its basic aspects. While you’re training on Motivation, you will come across many amazing concepts that can help you with better management. Mostly, new employees need more help and motivation. It might be little daunting for you but it is the best solution to extract best out of your employees. It is important to acknowledge the problem at first and then bring appropriate solution.  

Here are some other facets that are important in studying motivation:

  • List various types of behavior of employees while there presence at office
  • Is it worth spending your time on employee for certain kind of task? This is basically expertise acknowledgment that whether your employee will be able to produce accurate results or not
  • Will your employee need training for the task to be done
  • What other employees do you have to accomplish same task

These all factors are considered in case when you have to motivate employee about his capabilities in order to make him do certain task.

Communication is great source to motivate your employees. Although it is not the only way to motivate them but surely it is among most effective ones.

How Communication can help in Motivating?

By communicating, you can make you employee understand his capabilities, your expectations and set a goal for him to achieve. This is an effective way to make them understand what company is expecting out of them. When goal is set and expectations are defined to the employee, you can expect better performance than working without goal. Belo mentioned aspects must be explained:

  • What the task is all about?
  • When you have to begin?
  • What is the time span of delivering results?
  • What are various steps to follow?
  • What all people are involved and available for help and assistance?

So these aspects help in communicating your expectations to the employee and motivating him for their best shot.

Then there is a proper follow up by the manager in order to keep a close look on the project and performance of employees. The follow up include factors such as:

  • Re-clarification of instructions
  • Demonstration on complex tasks
  • Repetition in directions of work
  • Understanding the problems and fixing them
  • Appreciating on good performance

Therefore, these are some of the tasks that must be done after delegating tasks.

Appreciation and Feedback

Appreciation is another adept tool for motivation. Clients only perform well when their performance is appreciated. You need to be smart enough to offer good feedback to employees on best work done. You can also help them in enhancing their skills and becoming company’s assets. Feedback has to be concise and clear, if you are satisfied with performance of employee then you must appreciate it. If you are not satisfied with the performance then also you must be polite and encouraging enough with employees to make them understand your expectations well.

So this was all about my chapters on study of motivation. For lesson 1, visit my Tumblr Page.

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