Study Tourism and Hotel Management in Turkey

Tourism is one of the booming sectors in the World right now and it is estimated that tourism sector will keep growing in the next ten or fifteen years as well. The tourism industry is booming worldwide right now but of course there are some precise countries who feels the affects of that boom much more; the historical places and popular tourism destinations of the world; for example countries such as France, United States, United Kingdom, Italy, China, Spain etc. Also, Turkey feels the strong boom in the tourism industry as well. Of course, Turkey is also one of the most important tourism destinations in the world and it draws more than 50 millions tourists every year.

It makes Turkey the 5th most popular tourism destinations in the World and second in the Asia only after The People’s Republic of China. Also, Turkey has good ranks in tourism spending, expenditures, infrastructure investments and promotional budget spending etc. As of cities, Istanbul; the biggest and most important city of Turkey and most popular tourist destination is the 4th most visited city in the world every year. This alone can prove that Turkey is such a popular tourism country and tourism industry in Turkey is very important, tourism industry in Turkey is very much developed yet it is still developing.


Many students can recognize that Turkey is a popular tourism country and there are many tourism facilities in Turkey; such as hotels. Hotels may be the most important tourism facility. There are thousands hotels in Turkey and every day there are even more hotels start to operate in Turkey. It goes without saying that tourism is a popular major to study in Turkey for Turkish students. Many Turkish students prefer to study in tourism and hotel management right after they complete their high school because they know that after they study in tourism and hotel management, they can find a job very easily and their study will only take about one or two years. If they would enroll to a university instead, their university study would take about two or four years at least and it is not exact that they would find a satisfying job right after they are graduated from the university.

So they prefer to study in hospitality and tourism schools and they can easily find jobs. This is also the situation for foreign student recently. Foreign students know that many student study tourism and hotel management studies in Turkey and because of that the education quality of tourism studies in Turkey is really high. Foreign students know the importance of the certificate they will get after they complete their study in Turkey and they are also aware of the importance of study tourism and hotel management in Turkey. Many foreign students are looking for opportunities to study those programs because they think the tourism sector will be very valuable in the future as well and their chances of finding  a good job right after they are graduated is really high.

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