Marketable Skills PLAN B

An education is essential. It is a key that opens doors. It tells potential employers that you are trainable and that you can endure and complete assigned tasks.

Sadly, it does NOT guarantee employment. (I wish it did) Even a job in today’s world is not enough. There is NO “job security”. It does not exist as it once did. In right to work states (The one in which I reside) you may be fired for no reason. In any state you can not have a job from one day to the next. You can lose your job because your company outsourced all the tasks you were performing to India (or any other country), You could have been the TOP PERFORMER one day and have no job the next.

Enough with the bad news. So what? What is the ACTION STEP?


Learn Marketable Skills
Learn a marketable skill. Learn as many marketable skills as possible.
How do you know what is a marketable skill? Look at the classified ads in your area’s largest newspaper. What skills are employers willing to pay for? Here are some ideas of marketable skills that will always be needed: barbers, cosmetologists, Microsoft A+ certified technicians, and decorative stone designers. Additionally get ANY certifications you can. Try to have a wall full of them. Look at the course catalogs of technical schools, See if any of the listed courses seem interesting to you.

Establish a PLAN B.
After examining the world of marketing skills, find one that you would be HAPPY doing. The only difference in work and play is in your mind. (Work equal force times distance. If you think about it, play exerts force, usually over some distance). While you are gainfully employed, seek an alternate job, just to see how marketable you are. Start thinking about your Plan B TODAY. The sooner the better. If you go to college, don’t just get a bachelor’s degree, get a teaching certificate in addition.

Get a Marketable Hobby
I love model railroading. I discovered you can actually make a living selling model railroading paraphernalia on EBay. Find a hobby. Almost all hobbies can be converted to cash. Beadwork
Candle & Soap Making
Drawing / Sketching
Jewelry Making
Rubber Stamping
Can be converted to cash

It is never too early to implant these thoughts in our youth.

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