Teacher Education is a Myth, Please consider making this a #1 Priority for The Future

Here is my suggestion for addressing Teacher Education and growing a more results-tested form of Pedagogical Science Organically, and very inexpensively:

The reason that incentives and current accountability systems do not consistently show anything meaningful in Education is because teachers are trained on a hit/miss basis, and the wrong people are being held accountable. Incredibly there is no core curriculum in teacher education nor any transparent system for identifying and promulgating “Best Instructional Practices.” This makes Teacher Education something of a myth, and subject to the random quality of each teacher's knowledge and training. Please let us begin to fix this fundamental problem in an organic way. The plan is simple: slowly reclaim our global leadership role in the best possible way: by showing the entire world how to teacher consistently Better.
Below are some sites addressing this and suggestion­s of two textbook that are very applicable to Pedagogica­l progress: http://bestmethodsof­instructio­n.com/ and http://ant­hony-manzo­.blogspot.­com/2010/0­5/brief-wr­iting-for-­t... and two books that were decades in the making and that try to honestly report what the research seems to be saying about teaching toward higher literacy at all levels: Manzo/Manz­o/Thomas (2009) Content Area Literacy (Wiley, Publisher) & Manzo/Manz­o/Albee Reading Assessment­: A Diagnostic­-Teaching Approach (2004) (Cengage, Publisher)­...coming soon: The Foundation for: GlobalAdva­ncementOfP­rofessiona­lEducation­.org...thi­s has been a 35 year slog that always seemed an easy fix. That hasn't happened so we are getting ready to take it on by the numbers. Help is welcome at every level: tmanzo@Fullerton.edu


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