TEACHING TECHNIQUE -WHO DO YOU WORK FOR? I did a workshop for teachers recently. I asked a question of the teachers. The question was “who do you work for?” Some teachers replied by naming the princ…


I did a workshop for teachers recently. I asked a question of the teachers. The question was “who do you work for?”
Some teachers replied by naming the principal of the school. Other teachers replied by shouting out the name of the school. Still other teaches replied by saying “the board of education”.
I asked that the teachers think for a minute. I asked that they think how they happen to be in the field of education. I asked was it a life-long desire to be a teacher with a planned step by step series of action steps.
I taught school for 15 years. For three years I was confused about who my real employer was. The fourth year I had an epiphany. I realized that I had become a teacher not through an organized plan of erudite action steps. I had become a teacher by Divine Intervention. I decided that Teaching is not a job, it is not a career, but rather is a religious calling. Teaching is so important that one cannot consider it “just a job”.
That changed everything. I taught with an unbridled enthusiasm. I seemed to never get tired. I looked at the clock and saw it was 2:55 (the students were dismissed at 3:00) and thought, “I need 15 more minutes” while other teachers were thinking “thank God the day is almost over.”
I wish every teacher would realize HOW IMPORTANT the education of our youth is. I wish every teacher would believe as I do “that you are a teacher because your creator destined it”.
I wish every teacher would embrace the paradigm that “I am doing God’s work and I will do to the best of my ability regardless of the obstacles”. Instead of these paradigms I have observed.
I am just a high paid baby sitter
These kids today do not want to learn so I am just going to present the lesson
I got mine, you get yours
I going to retire in 2 years 8 days and 3 hours, I just counting down the time

I know that teaching is full of NEW CHALLENGES (it is considered by some to be impossible). Consider this. How much joy do you received by successfully completing a task that is very easy? How much joy do you receive by successfully completing an extremely difficult task? If every student in your class was a genius, knew as much as you knew, and all of them made straight A’s would that make you happy? For me, seeing that look in eyes of student who never knew he could learn finally get it and really understand was worth thousands of dollars.
Know this. You may think you have less impact, but they hear everything you say. They may not realize it but the brain is amazing. Never give up, never give in, you are doing God’s work. Do it with enthusiasm. DO NOT BE LUKEWARM. Lukewarm is bad. The best trait a teacher can exude is ENTHUSIAM!
ACTION STEP: Remember who you work for.

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Comment by Arthene Inez Baskin on August 21, 2010 at 1:42pm
Mr. Lambert,
I think that God sprinkles each generation with what it needs.I have had many wonderful days imparting knowledge and enjoying the response when understanding is reached. Learning and teaching should follow us to the grave. I hope that anyone who desires to learn any aspect of God's world will be afforded the opportunity to do so and have someone encourage them to find out .The beauty of understanding that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are in the Lord and he will give to anyone that ask of him wisdom, is awesome.

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