This techniques works best in high and middle school. The idea is that the instructors

introduces and teachers specific concepts and the allows his or her student to teach the same

concept to students in a much lower grade.

For example, a Biology teacher, after teaching concepts about the heart in animals can create a

Biology show where he allows his Biology students to teach the same concepts to seventh grade

Life Science Students.

This works particularly well with visuals. Use charts, plastic models and even specimens.
This is a particularly win-win situation. When done correctly and with enthusiasm the seventh

graders get excited and "can't wait" to take biology in high school and the Biology students

fell like real stars.

My ninth grade General Biology class did science shows for elementary students.
I even had some classes doing presentations in the local parks on Saturday.

The goal was make the students feel like stars. I believe everyone enjoys being "listened to".
My students who were less participatory began to be active and enjoyed being "On Stage"

In courses like English, Civics and Math you can still do presentations. One example is this.
You can go on-line to http://youtube.com and download almost all the schoolhouse rock videos.
You can also buy them from http://www.ebay.com. you can also download the script from each of

the videos.
( if you can't find them, e-mail me < wlambert7@comcast.net> I will send them to you-no


Once armed with the script and the video your class can me their own schoolhouse rock. this is

not a new or unique idea, classes are already doing it and their videos are on www.youtube.com


Students already know about youtube, myspace and blogs

Theses classes can also create their own ning (www.ning.com) site and upload video clips of

themselves teaching sample lessons.

The greatest test of whether a student has internalize what you are trying to teach is measured

how well he can teach that concepts to others.



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