Teaching Technique -Make Learning FUN using Technology

First let me say I have encountered many teachers who think
that teachers should NOT try to make learning fun, they believe that learning is and should be laborious. They believe you have to “burn the midnight oil” and you experience PAIN to learn. They say “NO PAIN NO GAIN”.
Let us agree to disagree. I made the Deans list in college and enjoyed every minute. I am excited about learning.

Now, Let’s go to the technique.
At one time in my teaching career it was like pulling teeth to get my students to participate (by standing and talking or reciting). Maybe it was the fear of getting the answer incorrect.
So I tried this idea. I ask them to talk in contrived voices and we recorded those voices. We were playing, not learning. Every student begged to participate. Many asked for “do-overs”. Of course what they were recording was what I wanted them to learn.

I went to a web site entitled www.screamingbee.com and downloaded a free sample software entitled MorphVOX_pro. You can record you voice and then convert it to a baby’s voice, a monsters voice and/or the voice of a person of the opposite gender.

When students record themselves reciting “whatever you want them to learn” the LABORIOUS concept is gone and the FUN idea begins.

If you want to go beyond the call, TARGET STORES sell a voice morphing toy that works also. It costs less than $15.00
My thought as a teacher was I will use whatever works. I will educate my students one way or the other, I WILL FIND A WAY.
If I taught in a community where learning is not popular then I will trick them into learning. I will not fail to educate. The cost of failure is too great. Failure on my part is not an option.

So try this voice morphing concept. It will not help everyone but it will be BIG FUN for some. TRY IT. Like the NIKE commercial, JUST DO IT. ….I dare you.

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