I took an assignment teaching HTML and Web Site design at a local technical college. The classes were going well but something inspired me to try this concept.

I created a questionnaire. The questions were judiciously created. I had questions on the list in which I was not really interested, such as; what is your favorite color?’ what is your favorite season of the year?
Also there were questions on the survey instrument whose answers I had planned to use as teaching tools.’(I wanted to make sure I was using metaphors to which they could relate). Questions like; What is your favorite TV program, Favorite Movie, and most watched sport.
I also threw in questions such as ; what is the best thing that ever happed to you and what is the worst thing that ever happened to you. I an not sure what made me insert those questions. (The answers blew me away, they were too shocking to reveal)


After learning of some of the hardships my students had endures and were enduring I had an immediate Paradigm Shift. I was determined that I was going to be a positive influence in their lives and I was no longer going to give 110%. I was now determined to give 120%.

My metaphors were more relevant; I used concepts from the movies and TV programs they had seen.

I was able to invite Parents and relatives to my class to share educational experience that I knew they had as a result of the survey.

I seemed to CARE MORE ABOUT THEM after reading the surveys.( Please note the survey sheets did not require a student signature.)

The classes were so much better and my students learned more and were happier.

I fulfilled my need for constant self improvement

I heard once that students,
Don’t care How much you know, they want to know how much you care
I believe that

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