Paradigm- the key to successful teaching

What is it? By definition “an example serving as a model; pattern”
Every teacher has one; but most teachers don’t realize what their paradigm is.
Your paradigm determines how well you do every little teaching task that you do.
But first let me give you some examples.
Here are some examples of teacher paradigms.

“My job is to present the lesson. It’s up to the student to learn the lesson.”

“I got mine, you get yours”

“I only have 3 more years until I retire, I will just hang on and endure”

These kids from the south have it hard, I sympathize, I going to just give them an A”

“I am just a high paid babysitter”


“Every child can learn” Marva Collins

No child can be anywhere near me and not learn, I am the best teacher on the Planet

Learning is Fun, let me show you how it is done.

Consider this metaphor.
There is a 4 story building. You are in the basement. A fire has started. You know it will soon reach the gas storage tanks in the corner and the building will be destroyed. If you don’t warn everyone to get out, they will die in the explosion.

You go to the first floor, knock on every door, explain the situation and all the first floor occupants leave.
The same happens on the 2nd and third floors, they all leave.

On the fourth floor, however, one occupant says “I don’t believe there is a fire, and I am not leaving!”

The question is, “How long do you talk and try to convince him to leave?”

The length of time and effort you expend to try to get that occupant to leave is directly proportional to how much you care about him.

If you love the person as much as you love yourself,….
You will say

Screaming…listen, you can leave this building vertically walking as if you have some sense. OR
You can leave horizontally, with me dragging you out, BUT YOU GOING TO LEAVE

Now this is how we must teach today. Never giving up, knowing that each child can be helped, if not by you by some teacher in the school.

We must let our undying enthusiasm and lust for learning be stronger than their apathy.
We must personify ignorance. We must defeat ignorance, It we don’t they will DIE.

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