Ten simple steps to write a great book review

Reviews give people an idea on whether or not they should pick up a new novel or not. There are some books which rock your world, while there are some that you just want to throw in the trash. How can you share this? Below are ten simple steps to write a great book review, editing and proofreading service will help you too.

1. Don’t spoil the story

Of course reviews have a summary of the story. If ever you will be divulging an important part of the narrative, hide it with a spoiler button, or a warning of sorts. What it the point of reading a book if you already know the story?

2. Set a rating system.

The saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, however, providing a rating system allows your audience to know how much you enjoyed a book. Remember that your review reflects your opinion of the story, hence having a rating system (like the way Goodreads or RottenTomatoes does) will be beneficial.

3. Make the characters more human.

Telling your audience why you love or hate a certain character is not enough. Give reasons why, it might be because of the way he acted in a scenario or the way he is. Quote the character to provide examples.

4. Focus on a theme.

Some authors say that when they write a book they do not necessarily think of a theme right away. Don’t let that stop you from writing about a theme. This will tell readers (and even the author) of what you think the book emphasizes on and give the audience an idea on what the story is.

5. Have a genre of specialty

Have a genre of choice and stick with it. That does not mean that you are not allowed to read and review other genres. For example if you usually read romance you can't review sci-fi. It will only be that your readers will be mostly from the same genre that you yourself read.

6. Take note of the setting.

Although most book reviews pass by this crucial feature of a story, this is extremely important if the books you are reading happens to be science fiction or fantasy as these are worlds created specially by the author. As an unassuming reader, people will want to know how good the writer lets you inside this brand new world. Does it compare to Tolkien or Herbert?

7. Release your review on or before the release date.

The way to do this is by getting Advance Reader Copies or ARCs. Publishing companies and indie authors give out ARCs to respected reviewers and book bloggers. Contact a publishing house or an author to discuss this.

8. Guest posts

A way to write a great book review is sometimes you don't have to do it. You just have to ask a blogger friend who is willing to rant or rave about his recent read in your blog. It not only helps your reviews, but also increases your network as he will ultimately invite his audience.

9. Try to score an interview

Author interviews are also part of book reviews as they give readers an in depth analysis of the books that they will or have read.

10. Giveaways.

A great way to entice audience is through giveaways. This might be sponsored copies or goody bags.

We hope that you follow the ten simple steps to write a great book review, and see the

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