The 8 Best Colleges And Universities In Arizona

Arizona is a state filled with growth and opportunities. Whether you are living in Arizona, or are looking to settle, the state offers some of the finest colleges and universities from around the country, where you will experience a rich education in addition to a growing job outlook right nearby. Here are the biggest and best colleges that the state of Arizona has to offer.

Arizona State actually has a number of campuses across the state of Arizona. Their biggest campus is in Tempe. Tuition for students in the state of Arizona cost close to $10,000, while students who are out of state would owe nearly $24,000. Almost 70,000 students are enrolled in at least one class at this campus alone. Be sure to consult with insurance companies in Arizona before proceeding, in case of a car accident due to congested traffic.

Arizona State’s West and Polytechnic campuses, located in Glendale and Mesa respectively, have a shockingly low enrollment at fewer than 4000 students each going to at least one class. The reason for this is that there are much fewer degrees that are offered in these locations. Tuition for Arizona students is less than $10000, while students outside Arizona are less than $23000. One of these campuses is a considerable alternative if you are in the right program and live nearby, opposed to the Tempe location.

The downtown Phoenix location of Arizona State University offers just the right size for students looking for something that’s not too big and adventurous, yet not too small and feels local. Over 12000 students are taking classes here. Like the other off-locations, this campus offers a select number of degree programs to choose from, including law, government, and fine arts. Arizona students pay less than $10000 in tuition, whereas out of state students are charged at under $24000.

The University of Arizona is reportedly the second best college in the state of Arizona. Located in Tuscon, there are over 30,000 students who are enrolled with the University of Arizona. Tuition costs for in state students are over $10000, while tuition for students outside Arizona are tripled. While this is even pricier than Arizona State, the significant drop in enrollment could be a pleasant surprise.

Arizona Christian University is a private institution that is found in Phoenix. Over 800 students are enrolled to this university. The centerfold of this university is around religious studies and outreach. Tuition of over $21000 is offered for students both inside and outside the state. While this is considered a small university, it is still located in the heart of Phoenix, where obtaining consultation from insurance companies in Arizona are recommended.

Northern Arizona University can be found in the city of Flagstaff. Arizona students will be required to pay a little over $9000 in tuition, while out of state students pay over $21000. Not only is the campus fairly big, with over 30000 students, but the campus, like the other big universities takes part in NCAA Division I athletics, which is also an ideal destination for students who are looking for athletics careers.

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University is a private university located in Prescott. They specialize in aviation, applied sciences, and technology. Their tuition is over $30000 for students living inside and outside Arizona, so if you seek a career in the fields they offer; you are sure to be guaranteed a unique experience and excellent academics.

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