The Best Accommodations for Students in Australia

Australia is one of the most attractive destinations for college students from all over the world. Whether they’re Australian or international, the most important thing for students is to find a place to live during their college years. Accommodation options are numerous, and can be easily found through various websites. From campuses, through homestays, hostels, and all the way to private rentals, students can choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

On-Campus Housing

While the majority of students worldwide are usually living on campus during college, Australian universities actually provide little university housing. Nevertheless, those who are lucky to obtain an on-campus accommodation should know that living on-campus has both its advantages and disadvantages. Namely, the student is always close to college, has a safe and suitable learning environment, and can socialize easily because he or she is constantly going to interact with other college students.

On the other hand, living on-campus can have a downside. If a student is sharing a room with another student that has to study by reading everything aloud, has annoying habits, or is simply antisocial – that can be very stressful for a student. Therefore, for those who have the trouble adjusting to that type of environment, other types of accommodations would be more suitable.


Homestay programmes are perfect choice for international students. Living in a homestay concerns a life with a family in the city where the student will be attending college. This program is the best way for students to get to know the culture that they are going to live in for the next year or more. A student can choose to have meals with the family or to have a self-catered homestay. The only downside to this accommodation option is to end up with a family that a student will not like or not get along.

Hostel and Guest House

Another good suggestion for student’s accommodation can be a hostel or a guesthouse. Various international students would choose a hostel because it is cheaper than many other accommodations. However, anyone who chooses this type of accommodation should know that in hostels and guesthouses students cook for themselves, and kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. This can be both advantage and disadvantage for some students; but it does not require much money, and could be a great way for students to meet new people.


A student can also rent or lease a property if the on-campus accommodation is unavailable. He or she can rent an apartment alone or with friends, and split costs, which is an excellent idea. Living in a rental student accommodation in Brisbane, for example, can be great if a student lives with people that he or she likes and gets along with. This is the best way to achieve the perfect living and learning environment. On the other hand living in a group can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to doing chores, or if someone is a slob and leaves the mess everywhere.


Considering Australia does not offer a wide range of on-campus accommodation, some universities do offer apartments that students can rent. They are very close to campus, so the students can basically feel as if they are actually living on-campus. Self-catered living and security of university-provided housing are the two greatest advantages of this type of accommodation, so the students can be sure they are living in a safe and comfortable neighbourhood.

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